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Crispy roasted chickpeas (garbanzo beans)

roasted chickpeas, roasted garbanzo beans, snack, toddlers, legume, beans


Source: Own concoction
chickpeas, garbanzo beans, snack, toddlers, legume, beans

Make: 2-3 servings

430g canned chickpeas/ garbanzo beans (equivalent to 1 can)

¼-⅔ tsp sea salt (note 3)
2 tsp extra light olive oil
any spice mix of your choice

This is my own spice mix:
¼ tsp paprika
⅛ tsp ground garlic
⅛ tsp ground cumin
⅛ tsp ground cinnamon
⅛ tsp black pepper


  1. Preheat oven to 200°C.
  2. Drain the chickpeas from the can.
  3. Wash and rinse the chickpeas several times until the water is not foamy and cloudy. Rub off and discard the skins at the same time. (note  4)
  4. Then drain the chickpeas once again to remove any excess water.
  5. Line a baking sheet with kitchen towel. Spread the chickpeas over it. Then gently press and roll the kitchen towel to absorb the water. Make sure the beans are completely dry. Discard the kitchen towel.
  6. Transfer the beans to a mixing bowl. Combine all the seasonings (except olive oil) in a small bowl and pour over the beans. Drizzle olive oil over them.
  7. Use your hands or spatula to coat the beans evenly.
  8. Place the chickpeas on a baking sheet in a single layer.
  9. Bake for 30-40 minutes until golden brown and crunchy. Tossing, shaking, stirring every 10 minutes, then reduce to every 5 minutes after baking for 30 minutes. Watch them closely to ensure the beans are not burned.
  10. Remove them from the oven and cool down completely before storing in an air-tight container.


  1. Dried chickpeas can be found in Indian grocery store or organic section/ dried goods at the supermarket. Canned chickpeas are more widely available in supermarket.
  2. You may not need to add too much salt as the canned beans are slightly salted.
  3. For dried chickpeas: wash and rinse the chickpeas. Put water in a pot (enough to cover the beans), cover with lid and bring to a boil. Add salt and chickpeas. Turn down the heat and simmer for 30 minutes or until the beans are cooked. Drain well. Then continue with step (5)-(10). (P/S: It is not so easy to rub off the skins as compared to the canned version. So, just leave it.).
  4. There are 2 ways I used to remove skins from canned chickpeas:
    a) one by one: take one bean, use your finger tip to rub it lightly. This will loosen the skin. It takes longer (about 15 minutes for 1 can of beans) but guarantee 100% removal of the skins; or
    b) batch by batch: during washing, prepare a deep pot/ bowl with enough water to completely submerge the beans. Put your hands into the water and rub lightly handfuls of the chickpeas in between your palms to loosen the skins from the beans. Do not apply any pressure during rubbing as it will mash the chickpeas. Strain off the skins with a slotted spoon. Repeat until you don’t feel any skins peeling away from the beans between your hands. Divide the chickpeas into 2-3 batches to speed up the process. This method is faster but doesn’t guarantee 100% removal of the skins.
  5. Best to be consumed within 3-4 days.

roasted chickpeas, roasted garbanzo beans, snack, toddlers, legume, beans

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  1. FoodieAnn says:

    Loved the food styling… very colorful and playful….

    My friend used to buy this roasted chickpeas and i love crunching those…

  2. Alice says:

    Yum…. don’t have to buy from the “kacang putih” man anymore! 🙂

  3. Yummy snack! I love chickpeas for soup, but haven’t tried to bake them. Let me try try !!! I bet my husband will get addicted too. 🙂

  4. Annette says:

    I was actually planning on making these for snack today. I will be trying your spice mix, it sounds delicious. I always use dried chickpeas and find the only way they work for me is to soak them overnight in salted water. In the morning I rinse them and cook them in the crock pot until soft.

  5. Joanne says:

    I love how roasted chickpeas can take on just about any flavor profile you wish and still be delicious! Way better than chips if you ask me!

  6. tigerfish says:

    I will use canned chickpeas to make this too. My hb is not a fan of garbanzo beans in dishes as he does not enjoy the mushy starchy texture but I think kacang-putih style may change him *evil grin*

  7. Karen says:

    to cook dried chick peas, soak overnight as usual, then use a rice cooker. I never measure the water or time them, just fill it up plenty, and keep an eye on them. you can smell when they’re done. if the water gets low they will burn. you can stir them once or twice to make extra sure they’re not burning on the bottom. to check them, let one or two cool and then bite into them. should be soft enough to eat.

  8. What a great snack! I just barely started cooking dried beans in my pressure cooker and this would be a great use for some of my extra. Thanks!

  9. Charissa says:

    I’ve tried something similar to this with garam masala. It was amazing! This looks so good!

  10. Jo says:

    Ok, so I just made these, because I LOVE anything chick pea. They are very nice, but I need you to tell me how you remove the skins without resorting to one at a time!! This was so time consuming I am not sure I will do it again, even for the fab result.

    • food-4tots says:

      Jo: Thanks for dropping by. It’s quite easy to discard the skins. Give it a try! 😉

    • Ankur says:


      I hated discarding the skins as well. What happens if I do this recipe with the skins? Do the chick peas burn / not become so crunch etc? Has anyone tried making this with the skin?

      • food-4tots says:

        Ankur: The chick peas will not be burnt with the skins but may not be as crunchy as the ones without skin. It’s no harm trying the recipe with the skins on. I had previously tried to remove the skins partially in my first attempts and the results turned out fine too. Maybe you can try the batch by batch method to remove the skin. Hope it helps. 😉

  11. Laurel says:

    This is fun! I’d love for you to submit this to the M&T Spotlight at

  12. Mika says:

    Yummy snack!!! I love it…I’m sure my family would love it too, they love dried chickpeas, the ones so hard to bite sold in Italy…eheeheh…plus yours are flavored… ^_^

  13. Ching @ LCOM says:

    Sure made a great snack!

  14. This is such a healthy and yummy snack!

  15. I have been eating too much roasted chickpeas lately....Quite addictive..:-))

  16. Evie says:

    I’ve heard someone say, somewhere (yes I know, so specific!) that you shouldn’t soak/cook dried beans/peas with salt – salt only after they are cooked… hmmm time for a google search for me….

  17. Evie says:

    “NO SALT When Cooking Dried Beans
    Add NO SALT until the beans are tender and cooked completely. Adding salt will prevent the beans from absorbing water. This is because a bean has an opening that is large enough for water molecules to enter it, but salt molecules are larger and will plug the bean opening, preventing the water to enter… thus you have HARD beans that never seem to cook right. Some say the bean is TOUGH, but the scientific reality is that the bean only got to absorb the water you soaked it in and not the water you cooked it in. ”

    “Sort, presoak, rinse, cook… add salt AFTER the beans are tender!”

  18. What a tasty yet healthy snack! Wish I lived near you so I can snack with no guilt yet be totally satisfied! 😀

  19. MaryMoh says:

    I used to eat this when I was young. It’s very addictive. Thanks very much for sharing the recipe.

  20. noobcook says:

    reminds me of kachang puteh, but your container is much prettier! This is a great snack to nibble on :))

  21. Chris says:

    Perfect snack in front of the TV …. yeah

  22. Good snack….I love this…normally I wlll have some snacks before bed time…LOL!

  23. muppy says:

    wow i would never have thought of roasting them myself! yummo 🙂

  24. Mitch says:

    I make these all the time, but I do not skin them. I rinse them off really well then lay them out on a towel and dry them off. Some of the skins will fall off and that is fine, but the ones that do not – I just keep. They get really crispy in the oven and are very tasty. They are the best healthy treat I have found in a long time.

  25. rachel says:

    This is called “leblebi” ,one of the traditionnal turkish snacks.”Çorum leblebisi” is one of the famous one.
    There are two kind of leblebi ,one is yellow the other is white.
    İn winter ,leblebi accompany to another traditionnal drink called “boza”.
    Atatürk used to drink his “rakı” with leblebi that he likes much.
    Ther is some usefull link to discover all of that.

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  28. Connie says:

    Have a question. How to ensure the roasted chickpeas stay crunchy and yummy? Mine went ‘flat’ after a quick departure from the oven…

    • food-4tots says:

      Connie: Went “flat”? You mean they are not crunchy? If so, then you may not have roasted them long enough. You can return them to the oven and continue roasting for another 5-10 minutes at 180°C or until crunchy. Remember to monitor closely. Hope it helps.

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  30. Carla says:

    I’m curious if the nutrition is compromised when you remove the skin? Is it possible that the high fiber content is in the skin? I’m planning to try this recipe but it’s because I’m trying to find a high fiber food that my daughter will enjoy.

    • food-4tots says:

      Carla: Removing the skin will definitely reduce the fiber content but I’m not sure how much it would be. You may leave the skins on if you like. 🙂

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