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Chicken and corn patties

chicken, corn, patties, food for tots, toddlers, sweet corn


The ease to manage and chew makes patties a kids-friendly food. That’s why most kids find food appealing when presented in the form of patties. Patties are suitable to be served as a light meal, during kid’s parties or even to be packed into a kid’s lunchbox. They are also great as picnic food since proper cutleries are not required for eating. I would recommend to include greens when preparing your homemade patties. Not only they come out tastier but also more nutritious for your kids as well. It’s also another fantastic trick to “sneak” veggies into your kid’s diet.


chicken, corn, patties, toddlers, food for tots


Corn-in-a-cob is among my favourite veggies that appears frequently on my grocery shopping list. It’s inexpensive and a versatile ingredient to be added for cooking. I love the extra natural sweetness and colour it brings to my dishes. Besides that, corn (or sweetcorns) is packed with wonderful nutrients like thiamin (vitamin B1), pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), folate, dietary fiber, vitamin C, phosphorus and manganese. It is also rich in beta-carotene (a good source of Vitamin A) to protect your child’s body from disease.


Corn is high on fiber so it is not an ideal first puree for babies whose digestive system is still immature. However, for toddlers and older kids,  it makes great finger food.


chicken, corn, patties, food for tots, toddlers


My hubby and son love eating patties and corn. So, one fine day when I was figuring how to cook my ear of corn, the thought of making patties suddenly popped up. With my personal concoction, I whipped up these chicken and corn patties. I combined minced chicken, corn and a chock-full of vegetable, added seasonings and bound them with egg and breadcrumb. Then I started to cook them batch by batch.  It just took me half an hour from start to finish. They are very easy-to-make, taste delicious and satisfying to eat! Even though it was my first attempt, I had already received rave review from both my hubby and son.


Minced chicken gives the patties a soft and easy-to-chew texture for your toddler’s little teeth. The fresh corns and water chestnut provide the natural sweetness and crunchiness. If served with some dipping sauce, these homemade patties will turn up as a great super fast treat for your kids.


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  1. Joanne says:

    I wasn’t big on veggies as a kid but I would eat ANYTHING in patty form! These look delicious with the corn and the chicken!

  2. These look so good and so healthy!! So much better than chicken nuggets!

  3. These patties look excellent! So are the photos (as always!).

  4. mycookinghut says:

    Love your chicken and corn patties, these are great for tea time!

  5. kongkay says:

    nice one! recipe, presentation and photography.

  6. KY says:

    I’m always looking out for school lunch ideas. This is great, thanks!

  7. These pretty patties are good for my afternoon tea. Lovely!

  8. tigerfish says:

    I like most kinds of patties cos they are savory food 🙂 …and love bicolor corn too.

  9. Little Inbox says:

    I always have problem to get a nice shots on patties, cuz I make mine too big, and messy, hehe…
    You method of presenting the patties is great.

  10. Spencer says:

    These look delicious to me as well, though I’m sure that toddlers would be sure to clean their plate. Great idea and I love your blog!

  11. Alice says:

    Lovely! I agreed with you that kids just love patties… like Sean too! 😀 Looks like I have another recipe to try on! 😉

  12. peanutts says:

    yummm, this is sure to be a great kid pleaser, which is what i need right now. Trying to get my usually fuss free son to eat , he does eat just not very enthusuatic.Any ideas? gorgeous photoes by the way 🙂

  13. This finger food looks great! I’ll keep this recipe and make it for party. Thanks for sharing!

  14. noobcook says:

    healthy and delicious looking nibbles! wow, you used fresh corn. lazy me always use frozen or packet corn in my cooking >_<

  15. LCOM says:

    Delicious! My daughters would love this! 🙂

  16. Anh says:

    These make great nibbles as well!! yum!

  17. My hubs is not a huge fan of corn, may be I should cook this to incorporate some corn into his diet! heheh

  18. LK these look SO good I’m definitely going to try them! And reminds me of a corn fritter recipe that I like…Oh yes I absolutely HEART that picture of the corn. Beautiful!

  19. I must bookmark this recipe. It sounds amazing. Love all the healthy ingredients you pack into these chicken nuggets.

  20. These look great for kids and grown-ups alike! I love serving little patties like this at parties.

  21. These patties look so appetizing, bet these will be popular with both kids and adults alike 🙂

  22. Luffie says:

    I just tried this recipe and it was a HIT with the dear daughter.
    She gobbled sooo many of those patties.
    I am going to try the recipe but I am going to try baking the patties. I am definitely going to try your other recipes. Thank you.

  23. lauren says:

    I plan on making these this week! For grownups 🙂 What do you suggest to serve with them, if they are part of dinner. Thanks!

    • food-4tots says:

      Lauren: Thanks for trying this recipe. These patties are great as starter/ appetizer and best to accompany with some salads. Hope you will like this idea. 😉

  24. Karen says:

    I made these for my fussy daughter because (1) she loves chicken and (2) she loves corn. I diced the french beans & water chestnut into very tiny pieces because I didn’t know if she would love those.

    And surprisingly, my daughter loved them! Because she’s only 2, I made these really small.

    Going to make it for a todder’s party next week! Thanks for this recipe! Now I’m going to browse around for more recipes to try.

    I’m a new reader and definitely a fan!

    • food-4tots says:

      Karen: I’m so happy that your little gal loved them. Hope it will be well-received in your upcoming toddler’s party too! Thanks for your kind support and being my fan. 😉

  25. Maribel says:

    Sounds delicious! Going to have to try this. Is the chicken pre-cooked or raw?

  26. Paik Ling says:

    My tots loved this!!! Thanks so much for yet another wonderful recipe (that works!).

  27. lingzie says:

    hey i just made these for myself today (but used minced chicken, corn and some diced red peppers, and added in the bread crumbs, egg and some chives) all i can say is YUMMY! 🙂

  28. Ling says:

    Hi, will it be ok if I subsititute minced pork instead of minced chicken?

  29. Grace says:

    I tried these today. Very yummy ;D. My kids like it. Yippie!
    I added diced Japanese cucumber, crunchy!
    Thank you for sharing!

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  31. D says:

    How do you suggest “mincing” the chicken?
    Can this be cooked on a cast iron skillet?

    • food-4tots says:

      D: You can cut the chicken into small pieces and then chop until fine. Otherwise, you can use a food processor to do the job. Yes, you can use a cast iron skillet. Happy trying!! 😉

  32. Simona says:

    Isn’t easier to just get ground chicken? Is that ok for this?

  33. Carla says:

    These sound delicious. I can’t wait to try them for my grand kids. Have you tried freezing them? Do you think they would freeze well?

    • food-4tots says:

      Carla: I haven’t tried freezing them but it sounds possible to freeze them. Make the patties, put them on a baking sheet lined with aluminium foil and then freeze for 2-3 hours until solid. Then transfer to a zip lock bag. You can freeze them for 3-4 days. Cook them direct from frozen. You may need to extra 30 seconds of cooking time. Make sure the patties are cooked well. Happy trying! Hope your grand kids will love them! 😉

  34. sjatan14 says:

    Just cooked these little delights. They. Are. Delicious!

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  36. Wow, this dish looks very tempting. I will try this for my kids. They will love this.
    Thank You.

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