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This blog covers mainly simple, healthy and practical recipes that are suitable for toddlers. For this, the recommended age is two and half years old and above.

[WARNING: Some of the ingredients and seasonings used in my recipes may not be suitable for kids below two and half years old due to allergy and health issues. So, please use them with extra care and make the necessary adjustments or omit them if needed. The most prudent option is to consult your doctor.)]

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How to deal with picky eaters and mealtime problems

How to line a cake tin
How to make “smooth & springy” fish paste
How to remove tofu from the box
How to make muffins
How to make sushi
How to roast cashew nuts
Honey roasted almonds
How to blanch broccoli
How to make shallot oil and fried shallots
How to make pineapple jams (for pineapple rolls)
How to make fish stock
How to make chicken stock
How to make superfast congee
How to make tangzhong/ water roux ((汤种)
How to make fish cookie cutter
How to make basic tomato sauce
How to make fresh pasta
How to make red bean paste

Orange pilaf
Pumpkin rice (1)
Pumpkin rice (2)
Yam rice
Mushroom rice
Kiddy “mushroom rice”
Indian vegetarian rice
Claypot chicken rice
Super fast meal (超级简单快餐)
Sushi rolls (寿司卷)
Special egg rolls with rice, salmon and spinach
Onigir (rice balls) with salmon and cucumber
Sesame seed rice balls
Millet porridge
Kiddy porridge
Superfast congee
Multigrain congee
Quick congee with grilled salmon

Homemade pasta
Spaghetti bolognese
Meatballs and pasta – the Jamie Oliver’s way
Broccoli and bow-tie pasta
Pesto pasta
Tuna pasta
Creamy avocado pasta
Italian pasta soup
Pasta with minced meat and dried oysters
No-frying noodles
Stir-fried brown beehoon (rice vermicelli)
Stir-fry udon with prawns
Cold soba noodle salad
Rainbow seafood pasta salad

Cold soba noodle salad
Chinese chicken salad
Rainbow seafood pasta salad
Frozen tofu salad with creamy sesame dressing
Japanese potato salad

Peanut satay sauce
Peanut sauce
Fine french beans with sesame dressing
Pesto sauce
Basic tomato sauce

Homemade fish stock
Quick and easy fish soup
Apple and white fungus soup
Apple soup
Borlotti beans (花豆) soup
Black beans soup
Burdock root soup (牛蒡玉米胡萝卜汤)
Corn soup
Corn chicken soup
Chicken herbal soup(玉竹鸡汤)
Chicken with cordyceps militaris soup (虫草花煲鸡汤)
Liu wei soup (六味汤)
Green radish and carrot soup (青红罗卜汤)
White fungus and yu zhu soup (银耳玉竹清润汤)
Fen ge herbal soup (粉葛药材汤)
Fresh huai san (淮山) soup
Pumpkin chicken soup
Cream of mushroom soup(1)
Cream of mushroom soup (2)
Cream of pumpkin soup
Corn chowder
Fresh corn soup
Fresh tomato soup
ABC soup
Beancurb seafood soup (豆腐海鲜羹)
Beetroot soup
Simple asparagus soup

Homemade dumplings (水饺)
Sui Kow (水饺)- Feature recipe for Rasa Malaysia
Mashed potato with corns
Chicken balls

Blanched broccoli
Fine French beans with sesame dressing

Simply pumpkin
Siew mai (steamed dumplings)
Steamed silky eggs
Steamed meat patties
Steamed minced chicken with mix veg
Steamed minced meat with mix veg
Steamed egg rolls with fish paste
Steamed egg rolls with fish paste (2)
Steamed mashed beancurd and fish paste (老少平安) – 1
Steamed mashed beancurd and fish paste (老少平安) – 2
Steamed chicken with wolfberries and red dates
Steamed lady fingers with chili shrimp sauce
Okra with tomato sauce
Nagaimo with shrimp paste

Pumpkin and cauliflower stew
Chicken and potato stew
Lentils with pumpkin and tomato
Lentil and vegetable curry
Chicken tikka masala
Loh Han Zhai (罗汉斋)- 1
Loh Han Zhai (罗汉斋)- 2
Braised tofu with corns and cucumbers
Braised chestnut with chicken
Braised Buddha’s hand gourd with mushroom
Braised dried oysters with minced meat (蚝豉松)
Braised taro with dried shrimps
Braised minced pork, potato and carrot

One-dish meal – Featured recipe for Delicious Asian Food (Hochiak)
Stir-fried cabbage
Stir-fried asparagus with prawn
Asparagus and chicken stir-fry
Stir-fried capsicums and cucumber with stewed veg mutton
Stir-fried pumpkin and cucumber with veg duck
Stir-fried french beans with chicken
Stir-fried fine french beans with mixed vegetables
Stir-fried long beans with tau gua
Stir-fried celery with mixed vegetables
Stir-fried brinjal with minced meat
Shiitake mushrooms stir-fry
Japanese eggplants with sweet and sour sauce
Zucchini with prawns and tomato in sweet chilli sauce
Scrambled eggs with cauliflowers
Scrambled eggs with tomatoes (黄金满屋,鸿运当头)
Fried eggs in tomato sauce
Jiu Hu Char (Stir-fried yambean with shredded dried cuttlefish)
Baked beans with tomatoes and potatoes
Minced fish with tofu
Sweet and sour tofu
Lemongrass chicken
Homemade pork floss

Silver fish (银鱼仔)omelette
Simplified Kwai Fa Chee (桂花翅)
Cabbage omelette rolls
Ridge/ sweet gourd (丝瓜)and prawn omelette
Simple omelette
Long bean omelette
Korean vegetarian pancakes
Stuffed gluten balls ((酿面筋卜)
Butterflied butter prawns
Creamy butter prawns
Pan-fried prawn and minced meat patties
Tofu and crabstick patties
Stuffed tofu poks( beancurb puffs)
Pan-fried patties
Fish spinach patties
Chicken and corn patties
Chicken and apple balls with barbecue dip
Salmon cakes
Pan-fried salmon with teriyaki sauce
Cod fish with miso paste (pan-fry)
Zucchini cake
Zucchini cakes – revisit
Teriyaki chicken skew (Yakitori)
Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce
Cauliflower paratha
Grilled salmon bones

Sticky chicken drumsticks
Teriyaki salmon in a parcel
Baked eggplants with cheese – Feature recipe in Keys Ingredients
Baked eggplants with bolognese sauce
Chicken pie with cheesy mash topping
Honey balsamic chicken drumsticks
Oven baked fries
Oven baked fish fingers
Salmon potato fish cakes
Popcorn chicken
Crispy anchovies
Cauliflower tots

Steamed pumpkin muffins
Japanese steamed sausage cakes/ mushipans
Steamed chocolate banana muffins
Steamed banana cupcakes
Steamed sweet potato buns
Pumpkin mantao
Wholemeal Pau with Red Bean Filling

Homemade pineapple rolls (pineapple tarts)
– Simple pizza bread
Homemade pizza
Thin crust pizza
Baked donuts
Baked mini chocolate donuts
Raisin and seed rolls (direct method)
Healthy multi-grain bread (sponge dough method)
Italian pesto bread (sponge dough method)
Wholemeal milk buns (sponge dough method)
Taro pumpkin buns (17-hour low temperature pre-ferment dough method)
Apple buns (tangzhong/ water roux method)
Sausage rolls (direct method)
Hot cross buns (sponge dough method)
Simple breadsticks (direct method)
Cheese breadsticks (tangzhong/ water roux method)
Cranberry scones
Raisin scones
Banana bread
Banana walnut cake
Apple muffins
Banana muffins
Blueberry muffins
Blueberry orange muffins
Coconut banana muffins
Double chocolate muffins
Oatmeal banana raisin muffins
Orange date walnut muffins
Orange cranberry wheat germ muffins
Basic butter cake
Lemon cheesecake (non-baked)
Almond butter cookies
Almond cookies
Cheesy cookies
Coconut butter cookies
Cornflake cookies
Gingerbread man cookies
Wholemeal cookies
Peanut cookies
Shortbread cookies
Oatmeal coconut fruit nut cookies
Tamago Boro (egg biscuits)
Gluten-free brown rice, quinoa and seeds crackers
Homemade goldfish crackers
Wholemeal thin crackers
Almond biscotti
Cranberry and pistachio biscotti
Seaweed sesame crackers
Sesame crisps
Almond crisps
Triple chocolate brownies (by Lee Mei of My Cooking Hut)
Homemade snack bars (no bake version)
Power-packed oat bars
Homemade granola
Applesauce granola
Apple flapjacks
Bread and butter pudding
Caramel popcorn
How to roast cashew nuts
Honey roasted almonds
Crispy roasted chickpeas
Over baked fries
Sweet potato crisps
Baked sweet potato fries

Japanese egg salad sandwiches
Cherry yogurt popsicles
Konnyaku jelly
Avocado with banana dessert
Yogurt with stewed apples and raisins
Stewed apple
Egg in a basket (egg in toast)
Fancy sandwiches with sardine fillings
Wholemeal crepes
Mini fluffy pancakes
Hey! Pancake
Banana pancake
Grandma’s pancakes (aka mommy’s pancakes)
Wholemeal banana chocolate chip pancakes
Oaty fruit crumble
Strawberry crunch
French toast
Steamed sweet potato buns
Longan + lotus seeds + lily bulbs + wolfberries “tong sui”
Sweetened red bean paste with lotus seeds and lily bulbs
Gingko nuts, dried beancurd skin & barley dessert
Purple sweet potatoes tong sui (dessert)
Osmanthus poached pears
Fresh mango pudding

Mango lassi
Chrysantemum and wolfberry tea
Masala chai (Indian tea)
Barley drink
Water chestnut and bamboo cane drink
Lemongrass pandan drink
Homemade soybean milk
Avocado drink

Homemade pineapple jam
Homemade pandan kaya
Homemade applesauce
Homemade peanut butter
Almond chocolate butter
Pumpkin puree
Red bean paste


  1. Adeline says:

    Hi, love your recipes although yet to try anyone of them. But I will definitely try the chicken stock. Do you have any recipe for breakfast oatmeal for toddlers? or any breakfast recipe?

    • food-4tots says:

      Adeline: Thank you for loving my recipes. I don’t have any breakfast oatmeal recipe but you can consider oatmeal banana raisin muffin or homemade granola. For breakfast ideas, you can try any kind of muffins (steamed or baked), bread or pancakes. Hope it helps! 🙂

  2. food-4tots says:

    Ynn: I think finger food (veggie or meat patties, sandwiches) will be easy to handle than noodles for your toddler.

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