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Baked Sweet Potato Fries

baked sweet potatoes, sweet potato fries, snack, homemade, toddler, kid, food for tots


Sweet potatoes are not only naturally sweet,  but also packed with a nutritional punch. They are rich in dietary fiber, complex carbohydrates, carotenoids, vitamins (A, C, E, B2, and B6) and essential minerals (manganese, potassium, magnesium, iron and calcium). Furthermore, sweet potatoes have more vitamin C, fewer calories, more fiber and fewer total cabs than white potatoes. Although they contain more sugar, they have a low glycemic index whereby the sugar is released slowly into the bloodstream. This means that you will get to maintain a steady amount of energy instead of experiencing a sudden jump in blood sugar level. If we prepare them in a healthy way and eat in moderation, it should not pose any significant health risks to us. (source: Live Science). Thus, it is one superfood that I will not miss out in my family’s diet.


Sweet potatoes come in many different shapes and sizes. They also come in a variety of colour and texture too! But their nutrient contents are not of the same mix. For example, orange sweet potatoes contain more vitamin A while purple sweet potatoes are packed with the antioxidant anthocyanin. Regardless of which variety we eat, they will definitely bring us some health benefits.



baked sweet potatoes, sweet potato fries, snack, homemade, toddler, kid, food for tots


Recently, I had made these sweet potato fries. They are not only easy-to-make but are so delicious and addictive! I had never seen my hubby and son eating such a large amount of sweet potatoes before. They absolutely love it!


As they are baked not fried, the texture will not be overly crisp. The outside is crispy and firm and inside is soft (not mushy). I had given the fries an extra kick of flavour by adding a bit of spices (garlic powder, paprika powder and chilli powder). The fries came out bursting with a mix of sweet, salty and spicy flavour! Feel free to experiment with other spices and seasonings that you like. But, if you choose to leave them out and just go for the three basic ingredients: salt, pepper and oil, they still taste good.


These fries are a delicious finger food for your little ones, or maybe will trick your picky eaters to start eating vegetable. If you are craving for deep-frying French fries but need to watch your waistline, here is a healthy option to consider.


They can be served as snack or side dish. No matter how, it’s best to eat them immediately.


Get the recipe and step-by-step photos at PAGE 2 BELOW.


baked sweet potatoes, sweet potato fries, snack, homemade, toddler, kid, food for tots

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  1. My husband will definitely love these! They look very crunchy.

  2. Renee says:

    I have been looking for a good sweet potato fries recipe and I will definitely try this one.

  3. tigerfish says:

    You sliced the sweet potatoes so uniformly …super knife skills 🙂

    The fries must be all evenly crispy and delicious.

  4. Claudia says:

    Making these for my toddler.. Let’s see if he enjoys them as much as regular potato fries.

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