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Wholemeal Thin Crackers

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Last week, my son’s school celebrated Children’s Day. His teacher asked her students to bring some healthy food to share on that day. So, my son asked me whether I could bake something for his classmates, but it had to be eggless as some of them are on a vegetarian diet.


To fulfil this “once-a-year” request (as claimed by my son, which of course is not entirely true), I had baked 2 types of eggless snacks for him – butter cookies and wholemeal thin crackers. But I’d never expect the plain-looking wholemeal thin crackers to turn out to be a winner! Besides being egg-free, these crackers are also without leavening agent and milk, have little sugar and use lesser butter than normal cookies. They are not only healthy and hearty, but are awesomely crispy and delicious too!! These crackers are lightly sweet and have lovely yet not overpowering buttery flavour, which surprisingly contrasts pretty well with the addition of paprika and garlic powders as seasoning that lends a hint of cheese-alike taste. My first batch which was meant for the Children’s Day, had ended up quickly in my hubby and son’s tummy, all within a day!! Argggggg!! Luckily, I still had enough time to make another batch before the deadline.


wholemeal crackers, wholewheat crackers, wholewheat thin crackers, eggless, without milk, no leavening agent, cookies, biscuit, toddler, kid, snack, food 4 tots


The recipe is almost fool-proof, easy to whip up without the need of an electrical mixer. But the tricky part is to roll out the dough as thin as possible. I’m glad that I have found a solution to it. What I did was to roll the dough in a pre-folded baking parchment paper that saves me the trouble from having to constantly trim and re-roll the dough. But, the best thing is that it helps to create evenly thin and square crackers. I hope this tip will work for you too. Please refer to my recipe for more details.


These wholesome crackers are so addictive that you can snack on it all day long. Once you start munching one, you will never stop at two. This recipe yields 60 crackers. However, judging from my own experience, I strongly recommend you to double or triple the recipe as the demand will certainly exceed supply.


>> Get the recipe for Wholemeal Thin Crackers at PAGE 2 BELOW.



wholemeal crackers, wholewheat crackers, wholewheat thin crackers, egg free, milk free, no leavening agent, cookies, biscuit, toddler, kid, snack, food 4 tots

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  1. This recipe is definitely a keeper! These crackers look awesome.

  2. tigerfish says:

    So thin, so good! So crispy, so good! They would end up in my tummy too 🙂

    I always have a qns – can castor sugar be replaced by brown sugar?

  3. Dear Lai Kuan

    Thank you for sharing your Wholemeal Thin Crackers recipe.

    I learnt a lot on white sugar vs brown sugar from your response to your readers and I now is more clear on how to use the two types of sugar. Appreciate!

    Priscilla Poh

    • food-4tots says:

      Priscilla Poh: Hello!! Really happy to hear from you again!! How are you doing? Glad you like my sharing. 🙂

      • Thanks Lai Kuan, I am doing OK. Hope u and family already adapted living in M’sia. One day, your son might come back to SG and stay here for good. But anyhow, there are very pastures in other parts of the world and the sky the limit. Meanwhile, enjoy life in M’sia because all your loved ones are there now. There is a time and a purpose for every thing in life. In God’s time, He makes all things beautiful!

        Priscilla Poh

        • food-4tots says:

          Priscilla Poh: Thanks for your kind words!! We (especially my son) are adapting well to KL now. Do keep in touch!! Share more of your recent baking tips with me yeah. 🙂

          • So typical of you – so humble. You are a cooking guru. Me, just a novice cook. However, my only success by far Pandan Chiffon Cake – my signature deli!

            Sure, will keep in touch with you. I like your humble spirit! For God exalts the humble!

            May God make His face shine upon you and family. Many blessings. May God protect you and your family safe in year 2015!

            Priscilla Poh

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  5. Jaclyn says:

    These were really good. I loved it and will have to triple the ingredients. Thank you for sharing.

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