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Seaweed Sesame Crackers

seaweed sesame crackers, seaweed crackers, baked crackers, Chinese New Year, festive snack, food 4 tots


Two weeks ago, my beloved, 4-year old oven suddenly quited on me. This has totally upset my Chinese New Year (CNY) baking schedule. I have bought a new oven subsequently but I am still adapting myself to its new features, baking time and temperature.


Seaweed crackers are one snack that I’m very tempted to make for this CNY. However, all of the online seaweed crackers recipes are deep-fried which I’m not so keen to try. Eventually, I had decided to use a baked version from Anja’s Food 4 Thought as a guide and come out with this creation of mine. It was a great success! They are so crispy, crunchy, tasty and not to mention healthy too!! These light, savoury crackers yield a delightful seaweed taste and fragrant sesame flavour. They are so addictive that my family and my son’s classmates can’t have enough of them.


seaweed sesame crackers, seaweed crackers, baked crackers, Chinese New Year, festive snack, food 4 tots


These crackers contain no egg, sugar, butter, and are made from 100% gluten free flour (a mix of rice flour and almond flour). You can nibble them without much guilt as it has far less calories and fat than those commercial festive snacks. You can also be rest assured that it has no preservatives, food colouring and additives.


These crackers are super easy and quick to bake. You don’t need any special baking equipment or baking skill. All you have to do is to blend everything together, roll the cut pieces out as thin and even as possible, and bake till perfection. It is a very versatile recipe. You are free to create any shape you fancy. This is surely a great baking project that your kids will enjoy and have great fun. As  it’s fun to bake, it’s also fun to eat. Other than having them just for snack, you can also crush them into small pieces and sprinkle over ice-cream or yogurt as topping. Chinese New Year is just one week away. If you have not enough time to bake, why not give this simple and quick recipe a go?


Click on PAGE 2 BELOW to get the recipe for Seaweed Sesame Crackers.


I am linking this post to Bake Along event, Chinese New cookies for the month Jan 2014 organised by Frozen Wing, Bake for Happy Kids and Kitchen Flavours.



Wishing everyone a joyful Year of Horse blessed with prosperity and good health!


恭祝大家 “龙马精神,马到成功,马年行好运,万事如意!”


seaweed sesame crackers, seaweed crackers, baked crackers, Chinese New Year, festive snack, food 4 tots


seaweed sesame crackers, seaweed crackers, baked crackers, Chinese New Year, festive snack, food 4 tots

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  1. Ling says:

    Great idea, Lai Kuan! I hope to dabble into CNY goodies next year. This year too busy. Thanks for sharing again 🙂

  2. tigerfish says:

    I am so tempted to try making them! But have to be after CNY maybe :O
    I wonder if I can use 100% rice flour (or what other options other than almond flour?)

    Like how you present 马 with those crackers and rice 🙂

    • food-4tots says:

      Tigerfish: I don’t see any reason why you can’t use 100% rice flour although almond flour will give you a bit of nutty smell. You can also try light buckwheat flour as what Anja’s Food For Thought had used. Do give it a try and share with me your outcome. Happy trying! 🙂

  3. Michi says:

    thanks for sharing! I don’t like all the oil-frying biscuit too! this is one nice option! will definitely try it out

  4. Bern says:

    Hi Lai Kuan,

    Love your recipes. Trying out now. But dough is so sticky? Need to add more rice flour? Am using a stand mixer to knead. How long do I need it knead it for?

    • food-4tots says:

      Bern: So glad that you love my recipes! I think you have added too much water. Try to knead with your hand and add water bit by bit. For your case, you can either add more flour or wait for the dough to rest for about 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can also chill the dough for a while. Hope it helps! 🙂

  5. lena says:

    hi lai kuan, coming from bake along. Thx so much for sharing with us this wonderful baked crackers. I am not entirely scared of deep frying but it’s just that after frying them, i hv to think of how to make use of that oil.. and of course without doubt, baking is so much healthier and less mess. Sorry abt the trouble you encountered linking your post to bake along, the matter has brought to our attention and we will see to that. CHeers and gong xi fa cai!

  6. kitchen flavours says:

    These sure look addictive! Perfect to share with family and friends. Thanks for linking with BA!

  7. Joanne says:

    Hey thank you for sharing! It was very tasty but i find it very time consuming to roll it. Do you have the same problem?

  8. Chandra says:

    Hi, have just found out your website and love it 🙂 Great for novice like me that want to leaen cooking for my toddler. I would like to try making the seaweed sesame crackers, but I couldn’t find the roasted seaweed. May I know where did u buy yours? And is it possible to substitute with other kind of seaweed like wakame/kombu/nori/crispy seaweed? Thanks!

    • food-4tots says:

      Chandra: Thank you for your wonderful compliment! Roasted seaweeds are sold in most of the supermarkets (at the Japanese food section) or Japanese specialty stores. I bought mine from AEON Jusco 1U, KL. If you’re in SG, you can try NTUC or Cold Storage. Wakame or kombu is not so suitable as they are raw and bland in taste. You can use nori which is similar to roasted seaweed. 🙂

  9. Nia says:

    I tried it today but failed big time. Not sure what when wrong but I could call it total disaster
    All the crisps were glued to the parchment paper. only baked 1/2 the batch & threw the other half away
    I am so bad at making this LOL

    • food-4tots says:

      Nia: Sorry to hear about that. What type of parchment paper did you use? Did you follow the tip I gave in note 3 of my recipe?
      “Use quality parchment paper so that the crackers will not stick to the paper after baking. I used Glad brand (please refer to my kitchen tool page for photo).”

  10. Ling Ling says:

    Hi Lai Kuan,

    I’m going to try to bake these for CNY. I’d like to ask whether you know where I could get almond flour in Singapore. I couldn’t find it at most supermarkets. I saw a packet of ground almond at Giant which looked quite coarse (not fine like flour) and wonder if it is suitable for this recipe. My last resort is Phoon Huat but it is kinda out of the way. Oh ya, I just remembered that I need that Glad parchment paper you recommended too!

    Thank you 🙂

    • food-4tots says:

      Ling Ling: You can try Bob’s Red Mill brand which is usually available in Cold Storage. Otherwise, try any nearby baking supply shops. Lately, I had tried parmesan cheese with garlic powder and paprika for this recipe. It tasted great too! 🙂

      • Ling Ling says:

        Hi Lai Kuan,

        Thanks for the recommendation! I found the almond meal sold at another NTUC and bought a small pack.

        I baked these today and was quite disappointed with the texture. I found it to be a tad too dry and not so crisp. I did roll the dough out thinly. The product crumble easily and the taste was kinda bland. Perhaps it is just my palate. Adding parmesan sounds nice. Thanks for the sharing!

        • food-4tots says:

          Ling Ling: Thank you for your feedback. Sorry to know that it didn’t turn out well. The current weather is pretty hot and humid. So, the dough must be slightly wet. Work with a small portion at a time. For the unused dough, it must be constantly covered with a damp cloth. I usually make them at night. After the baking time, check the crackers. Remove those that are already crisp and bake the rest with a lower temperature until they achieve the right texture. For taste, you may add a bit more salt. The crackers will have more flavour if they are crisp and slightly golden brown. If not, try the cheese version. 🙂

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