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Cauliflower Tots

cauliflower tots, cauliflower, tots, patties, finger food, vegetarian, toddler, kid, children, food 4 tots


In the past, my family and I didn’t quite like cauliflower. No matter how it was cooked, it’s always not as attractive or as tasty as broccoli. But ever since we have tasted these cauliflower tots, cauliflower is no longer a boring vegetable to us.


These cauliflower tots are made basically by mixing cauliflower with cheese, coriander leaves, onion, bread crumbs, egg white and some simple seasonings. The mixture is then shaped into small ovals and baked. The end result is incredibly delicious and we just eat them plain without any dipping. We also can’t resist the temptation munching one after another. It is simply the BEST cauliflower recipe we have ever tasted so far!


cauliflower tots, cauliflower, tots, patties, finger food, vegetarian, toddler, kid, children, food 4 tots


This awesome creation is originated from Skinny Taste. When I first came across it, I was so inspired on how kid-friendly and healthy it is (baked not fried). Other than that, it is also easy to make (if you read my pointers and notes carefully) and happens to be meatless too. However, I have given the original recipe a tweak to incorporate my personal preference.


cauliflower tots, cauliflower, tots, patties, finger food, vegetarian, toddler, kid, children, food 4 tots

cauliflower tots, cauliflower, tots, patties, finger food, vegetarian, toddler, kid, children, food 4 tots


Making these cauliflower tots is no doubt easy but still tricky for certain steps. Before attempting this recipe, here are some helpful pointers you must take note:

  • Make sure that the cauliflower florets are steamed to the right texture – slightly cooked (still hard) and not mushy.
  • The cauliflower tots may easily stuck to the baking tray during baking. You can use either a non-stick baking tray (as what Skinny Taste did) or a baking tray lined with good quality grease-proof parchment paper (lightly oiled)
  • You will find that the mixture is a bit wet. Thus, chill first then shape. After that, freeze again before baking. Do not skip these two steps if you want perfect looking tots like mine.

Last but not least, do also read all the tips in my recipe so that you will achieve the best results.


This is a perfect finger good for kids! Once they have a bite, they will definitely get addicted and ask for more. I bet they won’t realise that they are eating cauliflower.


Get the recipe and step by step tutorial at PAGE 2 BELOW.


cauliflower tots, cauliflower, tots, patties, finger food, vegetarian, toddler, kid, children, food 4 tots

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  1. This looks fantastic!!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Can’t wait to try it out!!!

  2. Alice says:

    What a great finger food! My family not fancy cauliflower too, hopefully with this recipe, it would change their mind. 🙂

  3. Ashley says:

    Hi,is this corn starch same as corn flour? can i use plain flour instead corn flour?


  4. tigerfish says:

    I did not really enjoy cauliflower when I was a kid. I think I grew to like this veg more after trying Aloo Gobi – the Indian cauliflower dish, then I started preparing cauliflower in ways that are so much more tastier.

    Love your cauliflower tots definitely and I am sure they are very addictive and yummy!

  5. Ling says:

    Cauliflower is one of my childhood favourite veggie and my mom couldn’t stir-fry enough of it for me when I was a kid. 🙂

    The way you describe this dish got me into an adventurous mood of trying out new dishes. Will definitely want to try your recipe out. Just a matter of time 😀 Thanks a lot for sharing the important pointers so that we could enjoy your success too 😀

  6. Ling says:

    Love your traditional forks, btw 😀

  7. Wokandspoon says:

    Great idea to use up the cauliflower lurking at the bottom of my fridge. I always plan to eat more veg and buy lots on sale then forget about it.

  8. Yee says:

    Love your it ok if i deep fried it?

  9. Miki Ngu says:

    Hi… May i know is it okay if i omit mayonaise? Thanks

    • food-4tots says:

      Miki Ngu: Mayonnaise will add more flavour to these cauliflower tots. You may omit it if you want. Happy trying and looking forward to hearing your feedback! 🙂

  10. Looks so beautiful and perfect.. love it 🙂

  11. Shokora says:

    Really lovely recipe!!! Will give it a try.. do you have recipes for broccoli too?


  12. Mandy says:

    I tried this today. The mixture before cooking already smells so good! I used left over cauliflower I have, insufficient so I added some broccoli, then also added some left over button mushrooms since I have them in the fridge. Haha they taste great!

    Thanks for the recipe. Seems it is flexible enough to take different ingredients.

  13. Linty says:

    Hi, do you reckon I can use a basic bread toaster for this dish ? I dont have an oven right now. Thank you !

  14. Janice says:

    Hi, how do u make your own wholemeal breadcrumbs ? Jus toast the bread then smash it? Yr breadcrumbs in the pic looked really fine , did u use a food processor? Tks!

    • food-4tots says:

      Janice: I toasted the bread with low heat (with oven) and then put inside a plastic bag to smash into fine crumbs. You can also do that with a food processor. 🙂

  15. huiqi says:

    Do I have to frozen the cauliflower first before I can bake it?


    • food-4tots says:

      Huiqi: Freezing helps to hold the shape of these tots because the mixture is quite wet. You can skip freezing if you like. 🙂

      • huiqi says:

        I tried this by putting into freeze but half baking it too soft to turn over..
        do you face this problem?

        • food-4tots says:

          Huiqi: Different ovens have different temperature setting. If the tots are still soft, then you need to bake them slightly longer until you can flip them. Do note that these tots are quite fragile. So, you may need to flip them gently. It will be better to use 2 spoons than a tong to do the flipping. 🙂

  16. Kathy Carter says:

    Is there a source to find calorie ,fat etc. count? I want to make these for my grand kids but am worried about their nutritional value

  17. Carole says:

    Hi can you use frozen florets for this recipe.

  18. Don’t skip the egg yolks – especially for kids. They’re loaded with nutrients for cognitive function.

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  20. ACH says:

    I think my daughter is allergic to eggs. Is there anything else I can use to replace egg in this recipe?

  21. Sherny says:

    Hi, Can I freeze the cauliflower tots overnight and bake it the next day?

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  23. Thanks you so much for these very heal t rthy and delicious recipe.

  24. Roberta says:

    These sound great! I am sharing this on Pinterest!

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