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Pumpkin Chicken Soup

pumpkin, chicken, soup, Chinese, toddler, food for tots


Hazardous haze, caused by open burning at plantations in Sumatra, Indonesia, has been enveloping Singapore, parts of West Malaysia and some Indonesian cities recently. For some parts of Malaysia, the pollution index hit a record high and emergency had to be declared, forcing schools to close and people to stay indoors. As the smog headed north reaching Kuala Lumpur late last week, it’s now our turn to suffer the impact of the haze. This leaves us no choice but to close all the windows, stay indoors waiting eagerly for the haze to clear. Yesterday evening, it rained for a short while but we could immediately feel a huge improvement in the air quality. This morning, I can at least see a clearer Kuala Lumpur skyline view from my balcony. When will this haze be over? Let’s pray for the best.


Despite the haze, I still make soup regularly for my family. It’s, in fact, an easy way to get my soup-loving family to have more fluid intake during this dry season. To me, making soup is much simpler than cooking a dish. Imagine you just have to prepare all the ingredients and throw them into a pot filled with water and let it boil. Doesn’t this sound hassle-free?


For some clear Asian-inspired soups, you only drink the liquid and discard the ingredients. As for this nourishing pumpkin chicken soup that I am sharing here, you can consume every bit of it! I regard it as a “one-pot” meal. Apart from its delicious taste, this soup contains nutritious ingredients such as chicken, pumpkin, dried oysters and dried bean curd skins that you can eat too, hence reaping the full benefits of this soup and keeping wastage to the minimum. What could be better than that?


In this recipe, I cook the pumpkin with its skin as I just learn that pumpkin skin is edible and contains beneficial anti-fungal properties. The cooked pumpkin skin is soft and tasteless. Even my picky hubby and son don’t mind eating it.


The dried oysters, though optional, play an important role to mask off a bit the natural sweetness of the pumpkin. Thus, the soup will give a more palatable taste to those who are picky with pumpkin.


If you add some cooked noodles (such as vermicelli, mee sua or somen) and greens to this soup, it will turn into a simple, light and quick meal! Drinking soup will no longer be boring anymore!


>> Get the recipe for Pumpkin Chicken Soup at PAGE 2 BELOW….


pumpkin, chicken, soup, Chinese, toddler, food for tots

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  1. tigerfish says:

    I am also for soups! This pumpkin chicken soup is very nutritious, and imagine if I had some leftover pumpkin in the chicken-based soup, I may puree it the next day to make pumpkin soup. Haha…wonder if that works.

    I also hope that “haze haze go away’ soon for Singapore and Malaysia.

  2. Love this Asian style healthy and nutritious version of pumpkin soup. 🙂

  3. noobcook says:

    wholesome and healthy soup!

  4. It looks very tasty and nutritious!

  5. new mum says:

    Hi food4 tots mummy, I just made this soup today and its superb! It taste really wholesome with natural sweetness ! My only regret is adding insufficient water which means no extras for my husband tonight! Hee

    Thanks for sharing this simple and wonderful recipe!!

  6. Selene says:

    Thanks for the wonderful recipe! I was searching for a recipe to cook my pumpkin, chicken and red dates together, and voila I found your perfect recipe! Trying it out tonight. Will replace the dried oysters with dried scallops though, guess it works the same!

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