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Creamy Avocado Pasta

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Whenever I recommend avocado to new parents, most of them either dislike it or have no idea how to go about eating it. Hmmm….does this explain why avocado is one of the least popular fruits among Asian kids? Maybe, but I am still pondering about it.


I don’t have many recipes for avocado. However, from time to time, I would come out with some adventurous way of enjoying it. On one occasion, I taught my son on how to dip avocado wedges into mayonnaise and toasted sesame. It’s so delicious that both of us couldn’t stop eating it, and finishing two avocados in split seconds!


avocado recipe, avocado pasta, 15-minute pasta, avocado, creamy pasta, toddler, children


Coming back to this creamy avocado pasta, it’s an ingenious creation of Oh She Glow which I can (not only me, but also my hubby and son too!) go on eating it again and again!! I’m truly amazed at how avocado can be used to create such a creamy and thick sauce for pasta. It’s really a good substitution for cream and also a perfect choice for vegan or those who are allergy to dairy product. Furthermore, the light garlic flavour and a tinge of lemon make the sauce even more delightful to the palate.


This avocado sauce is the fastest sauce I have ever made for pasta. It takes only 5 minutes to whip up the sauce, and no cooking is required. Besides pasta, you can top up extra ingredients to compliment this pasta dish such as are chicken, shrimp, salmon, bacon, ham, sausages, broccoli, snap peas, toasted pine nuts and grated parmesan cheese to this dish. The idea is almost endless depending on your personal preference! One thing to note, this dish needs to be served immediately as the avocado sauce used doesn’t re-heat well. If you’re pressed for time but want a nutritious meal for the family, this pasta dish is definitely worth a try!


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Click on PAGE 2 BELOW for Creamy Avocado Pasta recipe and Step-By-Step Photo


avocado recipe, avocado pasta, 15-minute pasta, avocado, creamy pasta, toddler, children

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  1. You had me at creamy and then avocado sauce, what a great way to enjoy avocado!

  2. Joanne says:

    This is definitely one of my favorite dishes! And such a delicious way to use avocado.

  3. I have yet to try any recipes using an avocado – this just might be my first.

  4. evelyn says:

    So far, I have only tried making smoothies with avocado and my family loves it! I shall try this receipe and I love best is that it takes only 5 mins to make the sauce 🙂

  5. I always love simple yet delicious dishes. This looks scrumptious with avocado sauce.

  6. Priya says:

    Wat a fantastic,super delicious and mouthwatering dish.

  7. MaryMoh says:

    That’s such a healthy creamy sauce for pasta…creative! I don;t really know how to use up avocado except to make avocado drink with condensed milk.

  8. Love how fast such healthy sauce could be made and how versatile it could pair with various ingredients. I have an appetite for it to go with pine nuts, broccoli and salmon now : ).

  9. I already can’t wait to try this. I have a bag of avocados waiting for me to use! Never thought of using avocado for pasta. Sounds fun and delicious!

  10. Alice says:

    What a great idea in using Avocado! Love it.

  11. Little Inbox says:

    This is a great idea and it’s definitely healthier. I’m thinking of intrducing it to my girl’s diet. Still thinking how to…

  12. wokandspoon says:

    My 2 girls loved avocado when they were babies but now just push it aside! I’m still a big fan. Lovely pasta dish.

  13. We love avocado, but ever tried avocado with pasta. Sounds great! Must give it a go some time.

  14. tigerfish says:

    5 minutes and no cooking? I ‘m sold. I usually use mashed avocado as spread on toast/sandwich + veggie omelette as sandwich filling.

  15. Carolyn Jung says:

    I had no idea that kids were so adverse to avocados. What a shame that is since avocados are one of life’s creamy-dreamy pleasures to eat. I can’t say I’ve ever tried avocado in a pasta sauce. But I can totally see how its lovely texture would lend itself to that.

  16. Janine says:

    I think it might be because avocados used to be very expensive and parents tended to steer clear of it. my mom didn’t buy avocados at all when i was younger, and it was only recently that i bought some to experiment with, and to my surprise, it was really good! love how you styled the photos – the peas look like a good refreshing ‘pop’ to the creamy pasta!

    • food-4tots says:

      Janine: Avocado used to be a very pricey fruit one decade ago. So, not many are willing to explore it. Luckily, my ex-colleague taught me how to use it. Thanks for your compliment! 😉

  17. food-4tots says:

    Yoges: I don’t recommend the method you mentioned. It’s better to consumer it as soon as possible to prevent the avocado being oxidized.

  18. Luishu says:

    Great recipe!! Tried it with peas and bacon bits, and it was a success with my 18mth fussy eater girl and veg adverse hubby..haha!!

  19. ying says:

    Ms Low, What can i say? It’s so nice i cant believe myself for making this simple yet nutritious lunch for my son. Thank you very much for sharing so many wonderful recipes. You are my shi fu!!!

  20. lilis says:

    I dun know. I tried this recipe just now. The strong garlic taste seems spicy to me. I throw whole thing and made another breakfast for my son.

    • food-4tots says:

      Lilis: Thank you for sharing your feedback. You may consider to cut down the amount of garlic in your next attempt. If you don’t like the taste of raw garlic, you can pan-fry lightly the garlic first before blending it with avocado. 🙂

  21. Crissy says:

    This recipe is always a hit! Easy, fast and so so good. And I’m not even vegan!

  22. Tobius says:

    I didn’t think this would be good as I really hate avocaddo’s, but I thought I would at least try it, and this was actually quite good, and I will make again…

  23. ACH says:

    Hi there, I am trying to get my daughter to put on weight as she’s only at the 3% at 22 months. I am thinking to try avocado on her.

    You mentioned about dipping avocado sticks into mayo and toasted sesame. For that do you choose very ripe avocados? Also, is it you roast the sesame seeds in a pan and then add to the mayo? Is there particular brand of mayo that you use?

    I am desparate to help my girl gain weight. So far she hasn’t liked any of the avocado smoothies or spreads I prepared. But I shall press on to try whatever I can find!

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • food-4tots says:

      ACH: If the avocado is too ripe, the texture will be very soft and mushy. Yes, I dried fry (without oil) the sesame seeds in a pan first. I used to buy Kraft but can’t find it lately. I am using Waitrose now. 🙂

  24. Kathy says:

    Thank you for this recipe, possible to freeze?

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