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Egg in a basket (egg in toast)

egg in a basket, egg in toast, heart shaped egg in bread, valentine days, food for tots, food-4tots, toddlers, breakfast



Dear Darling Hubby,

As always, I agree wholeheartedly with you that flower, chocolate and romantic dinners aren’t the only sweet ideas for Valentine’s Day. So, this year, I have a brilliant Valentine’s idea to share with you. It’s a lovely breakfast meal that is extremely easy to make, yet tasty and healthy. Also, not pricey! It’s a winning combination of my two favourites: egg and toast which are presented with novelty. Wikipedia lists many interesting and funny names for this dish: egg in toast, toad in a hole, egg in the hole, cowboy eggs etc etc. I’m not sure which one to pick. Maybe we just call it egg in a basket first and create a more fun name after that.

I know you have a hidden talent in cooking and are seriously searching for ideas on what to cook for me. How about giving this lovely breakfast a try on this Valentine’s morning? If both your son and I see this dish on our dining table, we will definitely jump in joy and give you loads of irresistible kisses and hugs. But please don’t surprise me with a messy kitchen.

To make sure you succeed in making this special toast, I have prepared a detailed instruction with tips and steps by steps photos which you can find in page 2 of this post. Don’t worry if your first attempt doesn’t turn out well. (It took me 4 attempts to perfect mine). We will still appreciate your efforts from the bottom of our heart and devour a dish that is made out of your love, care and patience.

Just to let you know, I have stored plenty of eggs and bread in the fridge for you to experiment with. So, have fun and enjoy!!

Yours forever

PS: Psssst! If you love this dish as much as I do, please pass it on to your circle of friends and colleagues (especially guys). You know what I mean, right?


For more information about egg, please refer to this post.


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—> Get the recipe and step by steps photos for egg in a basket (egg in toast) at PAGE 2 BELOW.


egg in a basket, egg in toast, heart shaped egg in bread, valentine days, food for tots, food-4tots, toddlers, breakfast


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  1. Just pinned!!! I love this idea. Absolutely cute!

  2. Utterly gorgeous LK! Your styling is just beautiful. This post made me want to cook and blog again =)

  3. Priya says:

    So cute and inviting.

  4. NKOTB says:

    Hahaha… Good one!

  5. karmel-itka says:

    this is ideal breakfast on Valentine’s Day!
    mm… very, very apetite!!
    and pretty photos. yes, they’re nice.

  6. Joanne says:

    Haha aww very cute! Both the toast and the letter!

  7. Alice says:

    hahaha…. this is such a cute and lovely letter! I bet he will definitely get the message! BTW, your egg in toast is simple perfect! 😀

  8. paige says:

    So cute! Cant wait to make this for my boyfriend this valentines day!

  9. One word: Cute Cute Cute!

  10. noobcook says:

    hehehe, very funny and cute =)

  11. This is very very cute!!! So simple yet so pretty and edible too!

  12. Emily says:

    Fantastically Nice…very tempted to try

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  14. Love making these! They are a favorite!

  15. Bimmer says:

    I stumbled upon your site and you have very beautiful pictures! Great site!
    And I will be trying this egg in a basket real soon! 🙂

  16. texrican;) says:

    just came accross your idea while trying to figure out something fun to make for the kids for Valentine’s day dinner (something not loaded with sugar!!!!). They LOVE breakfast for dinner. Definitely trying it tonight

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  19. Viji Senthil says:

    Its inviting. A must evening snack for my 8 year old…Thank You.

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  22. trixie says:

    Greetings! I’ve been reading your blog for a
    long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a
    shout out from Austin Texas! Just wanted to mention keep
    up the fantastic work!

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