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Mini fluffy pancakes

mini fluffy pancakes, silver dollar pancakes, mini dollar pancakes, how to make pancakes, food for toddlers


Mini dollar pancakes are those small round pancakes with 3-4cm in diameter. My son was treated with these mini dollar pancakes by his 2nd aunt during our last trip to Penang. It was love at first bite for him. Ever since then, he kept reminding us of  his memorable food experience. Knowing that he loved these pancakes so much, I started my mini pancake experiment. After a few rounds of trial and errors, I finally found the secret to making perfect mini soft and fluffy pancakes! Yay! Regardless of  which pancake recipe you follow, place more emphasis on the technique as it helps to produce soft and fluffy pancake texture without having to add too much baking powder.


For these mini fluffy pancakes, I use a simple recipe that calls for all the basic ingredients. What makes it so unique is how the eggs are beaten. Eggs are first separated. Then the egg whites are whipped up to form peaks and folded into the batter. This method will help to create more air bubbles in the batter. When the batter is cooked, the pancakes will puff up magically. Being a person who always flunks science exams, this is indeed a great discovery for me. Hehe!


mini fluffy pancakes, silver dollar pancakes, mini dollar pancakes, how to make pancakes, food for toddlers


You may think making mini round or fun shaped pancakes is difficult. In actual fact, it’s not only easy but the most fun part of all in making pancakes. I learned a cool and neat trick on how to do it from this VIDEO. By pouring the batter into a refillable ketchup plastic bottle (refer to the photo in PAGE 2 BELOW), you can control the flow of your batter with ease when creating the size or shape of pancakes that you prefer. Why not get your kids involved and share the fun too? I’m sure they will be very proud to present you with their very own pancake creations. If you can’t find the ketchup bottle, you can also use cookie cutters to cut out different shapes. That’s what I did for the mini love shaped pancakes shown in the photo above.


mini fluffy pancakes, silver dollar pancakes, mini dollar pancakes, how to make pancakes, food for toddlers


To increase your success rates in making these mini pancakes, remember to apply the following three basic rules:

  1. Use a good non-stick pan so the pancake can be loosen easily.
  2. Make sure the pan is hot (but not smoking hot) before you put the batter – simply sprinkle a few drops of water onto the pan. If they sizzle away, the pan is hot and ready for use.
  3. Set your heat to medium low.
  4. Make sure the heat is well distributed so it will give your pancake a more even colour.

I had also included extra tips in my recipes at PAGE 2 BELOW.


These pancakes are perfect for both breakfast and tea time snack. You can serve them with your choice of topping and filling, be it sweet or savoury. I love to serve them with yogurts (sometimes sorbet or ice cream) and top with fresh fruits and roasted nuts. I hope this fun filled food experiment of mine will bring you and your kids much joy this September school holidays. Let’s get into action now!


Get the recipe and step by step tutorial for Mini Fluffy Pancakes at PAGE 2 BELOW.


mini fluffy pancakes, silver dollar pancakes, mini dollar pancakes, how to make pancakes, food for toddlers


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  1. Lewis says:

    Does just normal baking powder work the same? x

  2. cardigal says:

    Hi! 🙂

    Do u think I can prepare the mix over night and keep in the fridge? Next morning then use the mix to make into pancake?

  3. Jesslyn says:

    Hi goo day,

    How long do the leftover pancakes can last without storing in the fridge? Because I’m thinking to make pancakes for travelling.


  4. yen says:

    Hi, loved ur idea and recipe.planning to make it for a toddler bday party.can I make d night before and serve it d nx afternoon. Will it still b fluffy?Tqvm.
    Is the store bought baking powder double action?Thx

    • food-4tots says:

      Yen: You can keep them in the fridge and reheat them before serving.
      Method of reheating:
      1) remove the pancakes from the fridge in advance, please the pancakes on a lined baking tray, spray some water on them.
      2) preheat your toaster oven for 5 minutes.
      3) one minute before the preheating ends, place the pancake inside. Let them sit inside the toasted oven for a total of 5 minutes (The residue heat will warm them up).

      You need to read the label to confirm it. If you are not sure, it is better not to try. The best is to get from local baking supply shops ie Phoon Huat. 🙂

  5. Charmaine says:

    Can I replace the milk with water or soy milk? Thanks in advance.

  6. Jerlynn says:


    I tried the recipe twice. My kids love it so much! However, my pancakes are only nice on 1 side… the other side too much air bubbles and is not nice. Any idea why?

  7. […] two inches in diameter, and cook until they’re golden crispy on the outside (here’s a great recipe). Poffertje-alternative option number 3 is a cheat, but if you really can’t find mini […]

  8. Selina says:

    What plain flour do u use? Can I use self raising flour?

    • food-4tots says:

      Selina: Plain flour = all purpose flour or middle protein flour. I usually use organic unbleached plain flour. It is not advisable to use SR flour as this recipe has already included baking powder (rising agent). 🙂

  9. Steph says:

    How many pancakes will this recipe make?

  10. Christy teo says:

    Can the pancake batter be stored before hand?

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