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Steamed pumpkin muffins

steamed pumpkin muffins, pumpkin muffins, toddler, food for kids, snack, steamed cake, steamed bread, Japanese, mushipan


My family had a wonderful time during our recent holidays. We went to Kuala Lumpur first, then to Cameron Highlands and lastly ended in Penang. The only regret was that our duration in Penang was too short to cover our usual to-eat (no, must-eat) list. Just thinking of this food heaven, my stomach has already started rumblimg….oh my! I will share with you some photos I had taken during our Cameron Highlands trip in my next post.


Have you heard, seen or eaten Japanese steamed cake/ bread (mushi pan) before? I was very intrigued with this mushi pan when I first saw it sold at a specialty store in a shopping mall. Since then, I had been searching for the recipe. Lately, I had bought some mushi pan cookbooks and had tried out some of the recipes. However, some failed while some were far from perfection. Undaunted, I will continue my experiment and hopefully I can share my success story with you soon. So, wish me luck!


steamed pumpkin muffins, pumpkin muffins, toddler, food for kids, snack, steamed cake, steamed bread, Japanese, mushipan


Meanwhile, here is my favourite steamed pumpkin muffin recipe that is especially dedicated for people who love baking but have neither oven nor electrical mixer, or both. The recipe is fairly simple and quick to make even if you are a novice in baking. It applies the same muffin/mixing method used to make baked muffins. You just need a hand whisk and a mixing bowl. Yes, it’s as simple as that. The wet ingredients are combined with the dry ingredients to form a batter. Then the batter is spooned into the moulds and steamed instead of baking. It’s so hassle-free and requires less washing too!


steamed pumpkin muffins, pumpkin muffins, toddler, food for kids, snack, steamed cake, steamed bread, Japanese, mushipan


Even though the muffins are steamed, they produce soft and fluffy cake-like texture unlike the tradition Chinese prosperity cakes (“fatt gou/ huat kueh” 发糕) that are dense and chewy. Its gorgeous “open mouth” effect (which according to the Chinese’s belief symbolizes good luck) is what I adore most about these muffins.


Besides that, they taste yummy too!!! Each bite is packed with subtle smell and taste of coconut milk that blends well with the pumpkin flavour. As Australian pumpkin comes with  natural sweetness, I use lesser sugar than what is required in the original recipe. So the sweetness could be just perfect for those who don’t have a sweet tooth. By mashing the pumpkins and mixing it well with the batter, I am sure your picky eater won’t notice its existence when consuming it.


These muffins are not only enjoyed a lot by our family but my friend’s family as well. After sampling my muffins, she (a working mom with 2 kids) quickly requested for the recipe and made them on the same weekend – 2 days in a row!


These muffins can be frozen in the fridge for later consumption. On the day you want to eat them,  just take them out from the freezer to thaw lightly and steam again under high heat for 10-12 minutes.  It’s best to serve them warm. You can also add a dollop of jam to go with it.


=> Get the recipe and step-by-step tutorial with photos at PAGE 2 BELOW.


steamed pumpkin muffins, pumpkin muffins, toddler, food for kids, snack, steamed cake, steamed bread, Japanese, mushipan

steamed pumpkin muffins, pumpkin muffins, toddler, food for kids, snack, steamed cake, steamed bread, Japanese, mushipan

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  1. Lynn says:

    Hi, for preheating the steamer, how long do I need to preheat it? Or can I just place my muffins in after the water boils?

    • food-4tots says:

      Lynn: It will depend on whether it is from the fridge or freezer. For frozen ones, it will normally take 15 minutes but for chilled ones, it will take 10 minutes. Hope it helps! 😉

  2. JJ says:

    Lovely!! Am pretty sensitive for this kind of kuih as always fails me, but i simply love it. will give a try!

  3. Lynn says:

    Sorry for the confusion, I mean by your method no.3, Preheat steamer – Fill a cooking pot/ wok with water and bring water to a boil. Place a steaming rack (it’s optional if you are using AMC steaming pot). Wrap the lid with a piece of cloth to avoid condensation during steaming (see photo below).
    Can I put in the batter when it starts to boil?

    • food-4tots says:

      Lynn: Opps! It’s my fault too. Hehe! Yes, the step is correct. To avoid the muffins from shrinking after cooling, slightly open the lid towards the last 1-2 minutes. Once the steaming is completed, transfer the steamer away and let it stay (with the lid still slightly open) for 1-2 minutes. Remember, do not over-steam your muffins as they will be hard. Hope it helps! 😉

  4. JJ says:

    Hi ..Tried last night by substituted with sweet potatoes and used ‘super fine flour. Seems batter too thick (Not drop consistency
    :-(. Some smiled and some not, taste not too good (more of flourly smell). Appreciate your expertise..

    • food-4tots says:

      JJ: Thanks for your kind feedback and sorry to hear that your modified version didn’t turn as per your expectation. This recipe will yield a “spoonable” batter (not “pourable”). I’m not sure what kind of drop consistency you are referring to. It’s better to use pumpkin than sweet potatoes as the former is more flavourful. It’s quite difficult for me to trouble shoot for you based on your brief explanation here.You need to give me more details on what you had done. Did you follow exactly all my steps? What did you use to steam your muffins? What kind of mould did you use? Did you fill up the batter up to 90%? Did you oversteam them? If possible, please send me some photos.

  5. JJ says:

    Hi, i changed using pumpkin instead. The batter was soft but heavy when spooned. I used the little chinese porcelain cups. Will try again and send you the pics if not successful.
    BTW, how is the texture of the kuih when cool?

    • food-4tots says:

      JJ: As you used little cups for steaming, the diameter may be smaller and cause some of your muffins not able to show a smiling face. These muffins still soft even after it’s cooled. But, it’s still best to serve warm. Hope to hearing your success story! 😉

  6. Hailey says:

    Dear, dah try pg tadi much better then muffin yg baked…i put cream cheese filling instead just like normal pumpkin muffin and few choc chips for my hubby’s request… Very light and soft for tummy … Such a keeper recipe esp during cold or rainy day… Thank you…

  7. CF says:

    I like the idea of steaming than baking the muffins. I have a question for this recipe, can I use fresh milk instead of coconut milk?
    Thanks ;-D

  8. Sherlyn says:

    Hi, may I ask which kind of cake flour did you use? Thanks.

  9. Sherlyn says:

    Thanks! I’m now trying to make your no-bake lemon cheesecake. Will let you know how it worked out!

  10. Sherlyn says:

    Hi, the muffins turned out great! Took a picture of a great smile one of it had. Thanks for the fabulous, easy to follow recipe!

  11. Ah Meng says:

    Hi! Can I replace coconut milk with fresh milk? I’m planning to make some pumpkin steamed cakes for my 2 year old son…hehe!

    • food-4tots says:

      Ah Meng: Though fresh milk is not a direct substitute for coconut milk, it’s still possible to use it in this recipe. However, I would suggest that you stick to coconut milk because it goes very well with pumpkin and gives the muffins a very flavourful and delicious taste. Happy trying and looking forward to your feedback. 😉

      • Ah Meng says:

        Hi, thanks for the advice. One more concern before I start steaming cakes this weekend. Will the paper cupcake cases turn soggy n soft during steaming and affect the shape of the cakes? Thanks!

        • food-4tots says:

          Ah Meng: You’re always welcome! What type of paper cupcake case do you use? It’s advisable to get a mould as support. Happy trying! 😉

          • Ah Meng says:

            Hi! I tried the steam cake just this afternoon. Not very successful though, but thanks for the recipe! I tried eating them and they are abit sticky. The texture is not fluffy and soft, why is that? Did I add too much self raising flour, eggs or coconut milk? If you are able to follow the link and see the photo of my muffin, you will notice that the muffins’ texture were quite hard. Please explain how to make it fluffy… Thanks alot!!

            • food-4tots says:

              Ah Meng: Thanks for your feedback. Your cupcake paper cup looks quite shallow to me. What is the size (diameter and depth)? How many muffins did you get for this recipe? Did you fill the mould up to 80%? Your I think your batter may be less than 80%. Thus, the muffins could not rise during steaming. If you follow exactly the measurement given in my recipe (no estimation), then it should be any problem. Btw, why did you use self-raising flour instead of cake flour?

              • Ah Meng says:

                Hi, yes, it quite shallow. I could only buy this size in NTUC. It’s depth is just 25mm deep. I think I made an important mistake of using self raising flour as I couldn’t find cake flour in NTUC too. I thought it will be the same thing! Well, ok, probably I will get the right ingredients and try again! Thanks!

                • food-4tots says:

                  Ah Meng: Self-raising flour = plain flour + baking powder. Since baking powder is already included in the recipe, hence self-raising flour is not required. 😉

              • Ah Meng says:

                Hi! I had my second try today! I had finally found cake flour, I also bought new paper cupcakes with a deeper base and followed strictly to your recipe. Yep! It turned out much better and taste better! Thanks! Nevertheless, I will improve my steam cake and probably add other ingredients too! (PS: do take a look the photo of my 2nd trial steam cakes!)

                • food-4tots says:

                  Ah Meng: Glad to hear (and see) that your muffins turn out better this round! You can find my cupcake paper cup from Phoon Huat and the mould from Daiso. May I know how did you steam your cake? What type of pot did you use? Baking is a matter of science. Thus, I do not suggest you to add or reduce any ingredients in this recipe as it may not yield the best result. Hope it helps! 😉

                  • Ah Meng says:

                    Hi! Its a success finally. I tried your recipe again after a few months break. Thanks! My wife and son love my cakes! (Do look at my photo attached.)

                    • food-4tots says:

                      Ah Meng: Bravo!!! Congrats on your great success!! Love the “smiling” cracks!! Do you mind to share this photo at my Facebook fan page too? 🙂

  12. Michelle says:

    Hi! I made this twice already. 1st batch, some smiles some didn’t. 2nd batch, no smiles. What can I do to make the all smile? Btw, many thanks for the recipes you posted on your site. They’re really help me a lot. 🙂

    • food-4tots says:

      Michelle: Thanks for your wonderful compliment! Did you fill the moulds with the same amount of batter? Did you use double acting baking powder? Give it a try again and let me know the results. 🙂

      • Michelle says:

        Hi. Still no smiles 🙁 Its based on your other recipe without the sausage:
        100g cake flour
        1 egg
        40g castor sugar
        1 tbspn baking powder
        1.5 tbspn cocoa powder
        1 tbspn oil
        Then followed your directions.
        My mould is from Daiso as well but diameter is ard 5.5 cm while height is ard 3.5 cm.

        I think texture and taste is ok but would like them to smile. Any suggestions? Many thanks

        • food-4tots says:

          Michelle: I think your modified version is different than my Japanese steamed sausage cake. There are a few ingredients being omitted (eg milk, paprika and cheese and sausage). For baking powder, I only use 1 tsp double acting baking powder whereas yours is 1 tbsp baking powder. Baking is all about science and you need certain combination of ingredients to achieve the result. Hence, it is advisable not to make any adjustment if you want to achieve the same result as mine. May I know what did you use for steaming these muffins? Do you have any pics to show me?

          • Michelle says:

            Hi. Sorry I forgot to add milk in the list above. That’s 60 ml milk and also 1 tsp double acting baking powder not 1 tbsp. as for the mould, it’s the same as what you used ( I took the bottom’s diameter instead of the top).

            For steaming, I used a normal pot and a steaming insert. I don’t really have a steamer. Do I need one? I’ll try the sausage recipe this weekend. Thanks much for your help 🙂

            • food-4tots says:

              Michelle: It is fine to use normal pot for steaming. If you’re looking for the “smile” effect, try pumpkin muffins instead of Japanese sausage muffins. Fill your mould with slightly more batter so it can rise highly and yield a “smile” effect. Hope it helps! 😉

  13. Angie says:

    Hi, I have noticed that you are using AMC pot and wish to confirm whether the steaming method is the same as Steaming Chinese Cake.

  14. Shirley says:

    Hi i’d like to try out your recipe tomorrow but will be using local pumpkin instead. Can u pls give me an estimate as to how much sugar will be added? Thanks in advance.. Ur site is very helpful..

  15. Shirley says:

    Made this today & it was a success. :)i like its soft texture and the amount of coconut milk is just right for my taste. Thanks so much for sharing this…

  16. Grace says:

    Hi there, this muffin recipe is very tasty and healthy! I followed your recommendation to freeze and it’s so convenient to serve for breakfast! Thanks for sharing! ;D
    The second time I tried using virgin coconut oil in replace of olive and it taste heavenly!

  17. May says:

    Good Morning 🙂

    I tried the steam pumpkin cake using your recipe twice. First time turn up all smiling and my hubby loves the texture and taste so much! Second time all not smiling but taste still the same :S

    Second time I used a blender to blend the pumpkin wanted to make it smoother but end up the batter become too ‘drippy’ or watery. Could this be the cause of not smiling?

    The texture of my cakes are a bit bit sticky, is it normal?

    Anyway, thanks so much for your recipe. It is simple to make and tasty!

    • food-4tots says:

      May: Thanks for your kind feedback!! The texture should be sticky. So, nothing’s wrong about that. I’m not really sure what went wrong with your second batch but don’t think that blending will be the cause unless you added water or too much water derived from steaming.

  18. Sugarplum says:

    Hi there, thanks for sharing this recipe. Love the flavour and I had happy looking muffins!

    • food-4tots says:

      Sugarplum: Thanks for sharing your kind feedback! Love your tip on how to score the top of the muffin batter! I had included it into my recipe and hope others will get to learn too. Thanks! 😉

  19. May says:


    I have tried the third time but this time I substitue the pumpkin with sweet corn. Turn out very nice and smell very nice also. This time the consistency is not as watery so all smile very ‘big’! very happy.

    Just my thot, i think the second time i tried the blender was too strong and the pumpkin in the end turn up really watery (maybe because i used a baby blender and it is meant to blend puree). This time round the consistency just nice so all smiling!

    You may want to try corn, ur kids will love it! Thanks for sharing!

    • food-4tots says:

      May: So glad that your muffins show very BIG smile! What a great idea to use sweet corn! Will definitely give it a try as my son loves corns to bit. Did you use fresh corns or canned corns? If canned corns, are they the creamed type or whole kernel? I still don’t think the blender is the culprit. Maybe it could be due to the steaming process. 🙂

  20. May says:


    It is the canned creamy corn. I used almost the same amount as pumpkin. It turned out just nice 🙂 Quite easy because just open and pour from the can.

  21. Carol says:

    Good morning.
    Look at your steam pumkin muffin, it looks light, fluffy and of course yummy.
    I plan to make some for my buddhist classmate however they dont consume eggs.
    thus, is it ok if I dont add in the eggs or there is subsitute for the eggs.
    Look forward to hear from you soonest possible.
    Thanks & have a nice weekend ahead @@@

    • food-4tots says:

      Carol: I haven’t tried this recipe without egg or by substituting it with other ingredients. But, as what I know, flaxseeds are good substitute for eggs in baking. The ratio for one egg is 1 tablespoon flaxseeds (ground) and 3 tablespoons water. There are 2 methods you can choose from:

      a) Method #1: Simmer together on top of stove for about 5 minutes until the consistency reaches a thick, egg-white like consistency.
      b) Method #2: Blend ingredients together in a blender or food processor until the mixture is thick and creamy. Refrigerate.


      You can give it a try. If you do that, I would love to hear your feedback. Thank you. 🙂

  22. Irene says:

    Hello Carol
    I’d love to try out your recipe this weekend. I have some Organic all-purpose flour (states for making cakes) and wholewheat flour. Can I use that instead of Cake flour? I used the all-purpose flour to make some oat muffins using the mixing method before and they were chewy & crumbly 😛

  23. Irene says:

    oops sorry LK..i read “Carol” and thot that was your name. pai seh..

  24. Ah Meng says:

    Hi, just curious. Can I use Top Flour instead of cake flour? Actually, what’s the difference? Please enlighten me! Thank you very much!

  25. Irene says:

    thanks for your links LK! BTW i tried to look for cake flour but couldnt find it. I bought Bob Redmill’s white pastry flour. is it the same u think? it says good for making muffins among others

  26. Caca says:

    these huat kueh looks so good

  27. Caca says:

    this is what we call ‘laughing’ huat kueh, you will have good luck.

    • food-4tots says:

      Caca: Yup, you’re right! Hope you will have good luck by making these “laughing” huat kueh too!! Btw, the texture is lighter than huat kueh. 😉

  28. Rebecca says:

    Wow, your pumpkin muffins are gorgeous !! I noticed that you did not beat the egg and sugar until pale but all came out so pretty !! Thanks for sharing !!

    • food-4tots says:

      Rebecca: Thanks for the wonderful compliment! As what mentioned in my recipe, you need to beat the egg until foamy and the sugar is dissolved. It’s actually closed to pale, I guess. Maybe I used unrefined cane sugar. Or maybe the lighting was not so good when I shot the step. Give it a try! 😉

  29. Sugarplum says:

    Hi LK, thanks for the link love to my site. Hope the tip was useful for your readers as well.

  30. Rebecca says:

    If I’m not wrong, you were using AMC to steam the muffins. I never learn what should do when using it !! I just use it as normal pot !! If using them to steam muffins, may be 10 mins is ok !! I love to use it to fry beehong !! So easy and fast !! Fry garlic, then mushrooms well, if you want to add in any meat, fry them well then add in sliced cabbage, wet beehoong — no need to drain them, pour in the prepared sauce — ( 10 sp of soya sauce, some thick soya sauce, sugar, oyster sauce, fish sauce, Ajinomoto or chicken stock powder, 10 sp. of water mixed well.) Stir well, If the beehong is not well colored, add in more thick soya sauce and lower the heat and cover it until the needle goes to 2 o’clock !! Done !! Fast ? The most important is it does not stick to your pan !!

    • food-4tots says:

      Rebecca: Yes, you have eagle eyes! I only have AMC pots in my kitchen as most of them are inherited from my mother-in-law. I also use AMC method to fry beehoon and cook my one-pot rice dish. Some of the recipes are shared in my blog. 😉

  31. Karyn says:

    can I subsitute Coconut milk with fresh milk?

    • food-4tots says:

      Karyn: Though fresh milk is not a direct substitute for coconut milk, it’s still possible to use it in this recipe. However, I would suggest that you stick to coconut milk because it goes very well with pumpkin and gives the muffins a very flavourful and delicious taste. 😉

  32. tuti says:

    Hi, I just tried, but it does not seem fluffy,and it looks wet. I used all purpose flour, is this different from cake flour?
    I had mistake by putting the baking powder with the sugar, so I beat the egg with the sugar mixed with the baking powder. Is the baking powder must be put the last? May I know why? Thanks.

  33. Rei says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for your easy to follow recipes as I was trying to get my picky toddler to eat some pumpkin since he likes steamed muffins

    Some problems I encountered during my first attempt, wonder if you can enlighten me on what went wrong.
    1. Muffins didn’t smile (tried scoring but the surface looks curvy rather than Huat look)

    2. Muffins was hard, shrunk n did not achieve the fluffy soft texture (I didn’t have a steaming rack so I just used the traditional way of placing a rack with the mould cups siting on it)

    3. For some of the measurements ie 15g of salad oil, I simply use a measuring spoon of 15ml instead (novice cook so I’m quite clueless about how to achieve the required weight for liquid)

    Thank you for your advice!

    • food-4tots says:

      Rei: There are many reasons that may cause the failure. One of them can be due to the mould you use. To measure 15g of oil, you just need to place a cup or bowl on top of your weighing scale and then pour the oil into the it until it shows 15g. By the way, how did you measure the rest of your ingredients? 😉

  34. carin says:

    Can you explain what is the inngredient of the cake flour? I would like to try your recipe but do want to try using plain flour instead of cake flour. I try to usee ingredient with lesser additive. Thanks

  35. Isabelle says:

    wondering if i can substitute brown sugar instead of castor sugar? Will it affect the texture of the cake? 🙂

  36. Karen says:

    Made them following the exact measurements and ingredients. They turned out puffed and smiling but a little tough and dense. I steamed them in a wok for 15 minutes on high flame. Where did I go wrong?

  37. Pauline says:

    The 125g pumpkin is measured with or without the skin?

  38. Karen says:

    Lai Kuan: I used muffin trays with the depth of about 2 cm but my paper cups (not the stiffer type of cup though, but I double-layered each well) higher, 3.5cm. The batter filled 80% of the cup.
    Pauline: 125g pumpkin measured without the skin

    • food-4tots says:

      Karen: I don’t think you should steam the paper cups without the moulds (even with double layer). Mould is important to hold the shape and create the heat for the batter to rise up. 😉

  39. Karen says:

    Eureka! My second attempt today and they all turned out not only smiling but soft and fluffy and more fragrant! Thanks for bringing my attention to the depth of the muffin moulds I was using (which were shallow)..but yet I didn’t want to rush out there to buy new ones..instead I got some 3.5cm deep silicone paper cups to line the old moulds :-p …and they really rose beautifully! This time I added a few drops of pandan essence into the batter and they gave a great aroma.Thanks!:-)

  40. Aj says:

    Hi! We have a feasibility study project and we used your steamed pumpkin muffins as our product and we will try it this weekends i hope it will came successful because i buy all the right ingredients except the brands and the Australian pumpkin so i put 95g sugar instead of 85g. and i will buy fresh coconut milk because the canned is too expensive. How does it get cracks on top do you need to do something? or when you use double acting baking powder it will turn like at the pictures? Our steamer is not that big i buy aluminum cups and it fits only four in the steamer it is fine to steam them by batch? Hope it’s ok for you to use them 🙂 and i hope help us so that we have the most yummy product, will send you pics when it turn beautiful.

  41. Karen says:

    Hi, is it ok to use an electric steamer for this?

  42. HH says:


    I do not have the individual pudding moulds as you illustrated here so can I use the 6-muffin baking tin instead?

  43. Angelica Joy says:

    Hello it’s me again 🙂 I want to get the right texture of the muffin it is delicious but i can’t get the fluffiness like yours any suggestion? I tried it twice with the same texture not fluffy it’s like ordinary steamed cake 🙁 The 1.5 tsp double acting baking powder is 1 tsp and 1/2 tsp right? please help me:( THANK YOU!

    • food-4tots says:

      Angelica Joy: Did you use aluminum cup or plastic cup? Can you provide me the dimension? Is there any other modification that you have made to my recipe? 😉

      • Angelica Joy says:

        I follow the recipe and the procedure also i wrap the lid with a piece of cloth. I used aluminum cups but i put paper cups on it. My batter is same as yours i’m thinking that maybe my steamer is bit low to the lid but not that low that can touch the aluminum foil and i’m thinking to add more cake flour and double acting baking powder, will that be ok?

        • food-4tots says:

          Angelica Joy: I don’t think there is anything wrong with the recipe as many of my readers had tried and tested it. I suspect the culprit could be steaming and the aluminum cups. Can you show me a photo of your steamer and the size of your aluminum cups. How many muffins did you make from my recipe?

  44. Michelle says:

    Can i use tefal steamer to do this recipe?

    • food-4tots says:

      Michelle: I don’t have luck with my Tefal steamer but one of my readers (Karen, refer to comment dated 13 Jul’02) had done it successfully. So, I’m sure you can do it too! Looking forward to your feedback! 😉

  45. Karen L. says:

    Instead of using muffin mould, can I steam it using a stainless plate with a piece of banana leaf placed on top. How about using a 7″ or 8″ basket.

    • food-4tots says:

      Karen: I haven’t tried your method before. So, I’m uncertain of the outcome. If you do attempt it, please share your experiment with me. Thank you. 😉

  46. cj says:

    Hi, can i skip the baking powder in this recipe?

  47. Karen L. says:

    Hi, I tried using the ‘zebra’ brand stainless steel plate with a piece of banana leaf placed on top and it worked. It turned out soft n fluffy and smiling. As my mum was taking only vegetarian food on that day, I omitted the egg. I forgot to take a picture to send it to you. Thank you for the recipe

    • food-4tots says:

      Karen L: Thank you so much for sharing your feedback and experiment!! Glad it turned out well for you! Your steaming method is very environmental-friendly and cost-saving! Love it! 😉

  48. Jenny says:

    Thank you for your recipe sharing. I try it and it is very nice taste. But I use the VCO to replace the olive oil because my house only got VCO. 🙂
    Btw, can I replace the santan milk with fresh milk?
    Thank you.

    • food-4tots says:

      Jenny: So glad to know that the recipe works for you!! Yes, you can substitute it with milk but the taste will be different. Do share your outcome after trying it. 😉

  49. Ping Teo says:

    Hi, I tried out your recipe with my 4 year-old son today and it was a success! He’s confined at home due to suspected HFMD and this was the highlight of his day 🙂

    I blogged about our ‘baking’ experience at Thanks again!

  50. Lisa Lee says:

    Hi, thanks for the easy simple yet delicious recipe. My steam pumpkin turns out great, thought minor set back on the cups. As i do not have the pudding tray, i bought those wax coated cups instead. some of it opens up after steam. But still, tasted fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

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