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Fresh mango pudding

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Each time we had dim sum in our favourite Chinese restaurant, we would surely order their best-selling mango pudding. Unlike others, this restaurant used fresh mangoes to make their mango pudding instead of canned mangoes or mango essences. Both its texture and taste of the pudding pleased our palate very well. So, whenever my hubby and son suggested the idea of making this dessert at home, I would refuse by saying that no matter what, mine can never be as good as theirs. But, they still insisted and kept pestering me to give it a try since mango was in season now. Finally, I “surrendered” and agreed to fulfil their request.


After trying it out myself, I was surprised to discover some great things about homemade mango pudding. It was so easy-to-make (30-40 minutes to prepare plus a little bit of patience to wait for the puddings to set), incredibly cheap (only 1/3 of the price charged by the restaurant), and absolutely delicious (as endorsed by my resident testers!).


mango pudding, fresh mango pudding, food for toddlers, kid, dessert, pudding, jelly


My family was so satisfied with my homemade mango pudding. They claimed that it tasted just like (if not better than) the ones served in the restaurant. Even my sister and her family gave it a thumb-up after sampling this dessert.


This heavenly desert offers a combination of fresh mango and soft pudding indulgence. Its creamy and smooth texture compliments well with the rich and fragrant mango flavour. You also get to savour plenty of tiny mango cubes when you dig into this pudding. Oh, gosh!! It’s so satisfying and refreshing!!


One thing I like to emphasise is that, it’s important to use good quality mangoes if you want to produce a perfect mango pudding. This is because mango is the key ingredient (making up about 90% of the ingredients) of this recipe. I find that the best time to make this dessert is during mango season when good quality mangoes are easily available. I use Thailand honey mangoes for this recipe as they are bountiful in Singapore now. Other varieties that I like are Arum Manis (Indonesia), Alphonso (India), Chansa (Pakistan) and Bangapali (Pakistan). You are free to use any varieties of your choice as long as they are fragrant, sweet, less fibrous, fully ripen and fairly soft.


For those who are great fan of fresh mangoes and fruit-based pudding, this one guarantees to please your palate. It makes a perfect summer dessert for your family too!


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  1. phoebe says:

    Thanks for sharing nice recipes with us. Just tried the mango pudding and it taste very nice. But how come mine is dry and sticky?

  2. Jacq says:

    Just wanna check, how come my pudding cannot set although left in fridge overnight

    • food-4tots says:

      Jacq: Did you follow my recipe closely? If you add too much mango puree or too little gelatin powder, the pudding will not set. This recipe has also been tried and tested by my readers. Hope you can do so in your 2nd attempt! 🙂

  3. Carol chu says:

    I made this recipe couple times already and it always turned out good. I don’t change a thing.
    It’s the best mango pudding I ever made and my family loves it. Thanks for this recipe.

  4. Esther says:

    I have tried a few mango pudding recipes and this turns out to be the best. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  5. Joan says:

    Hi dear! Can I ask, if i follow this recipe, roughly how many cups of mango pudding are you making? I need to make abt 12-14cups of pudding. Not sure if it’s ok to follow the exact amt from ur recipe. Do let me know. Thanks dear! 🙂


    • food-4tots says:

      Joan: As mentioned in my recipe, you can get roughly 5 nos. (with 6cm diameter mould) or 8 nos. ( with 5cm diameter mould) mango pudding. If you are using those plastic moulds, please reconfirm the size of the diameter. You may need to double the amount of the recipe if necessary. 🙂

  6. Wendy Lim says:

    Have you tried using agar agar (powder form) instead of gelatin?

  7. Phoebe says:

    May I know what is the brand of fresh cream you use? Fresh cream isit whipping cream? Thanks

  8. Pat says:

    Hi, can i replaced the whipping cream with evaporated milk? If yes, is it follow same amount as whipping cream ?

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