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How to line a cake tin

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Recently, a close friend of mine asked me how I line a cake tin. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a million words. That gave me the idea of doing this tutorial post to share it with more people who are new in baking. These steps are neither new nor are any fancy tips, but just basic knowledge which I picked up from the cookbooks. So next time if you come across “grease the baking tin and line it with grease proof paper” in any recipes, you will know what to do.

Taking self-posing shots was real cool, but it was tiring too. First I had to set the self-timer on my camera and then quickly ran back to the table to pose for the shot. So this silly act was pretty comical. I looked like the Road Runner cartoon character rushing here and there, which caused me to perspire so much that my vision got blurred. I think I lost some calories as well. The good thing is I discovered the beauty of tripod and self-timer.

I hope you will enjoy reading this post even though it is not the usual recipe post in my food blog. For my faithful readers, please bear with me for this tutorial post. I will share with you more food recipes in my upcoming posts.

Updated on 22 May 2010:
If you bake your cake in any cupcake mould, muffin mould or pudding mould which does not require lining, then you can grease the mould, sieve flour on top and then dust off any excess flour. This will help you to turn the cake out easily after baking. (Tip provided by Chef Sam).


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how to, line, square, cake tin, Food For Tots

>>> Click on PAGE 2 BELOW for detailed step by step instructions on how to line a round cake tin….

>>> Click on PAGE 3 BELOW for detailed step by step instructions on how to line a square cake tin…..

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  1. sweetlife says:

    great info…thanks for sharing


  2. Selba says:

    Nice to see the step by step photos.

  3. I can imagine the road runner moments!! LOL! But seriously, LK, this is an awesome tutorial. Good for people who are new to baking and need all the advice they can get … and your photos are foolproof! 🙂

  4. Alice says:

    Very informative! Thanks for the hard work, well appreciated! I believed those novice in baking definitely benefited from this tutorial! 🙂

  5. Little Inbox says:

    This really helps. Very useful tips for me. Thank you!

  6. This post is really helpful and useful for who still new in baking.

  7. Dora says:

    Thanks for sharing, Teacher. 😀

  8. A very detailed and easy-to-follow tutorial! Thanks.

  9. evelyn says:

    Bravo! This is the best blog I’ve ever seen. Thanks.

  10. LCOM says:

    Best tutorial ever! You are really precise, I didn’t do a good job as you. 🙂

  11. mycookinghut says:

    Fantastic! It’s so neat!!! I love your step by step instructions.. 🙂

  12. Joanne says:

    So useful! I am by no means and inexperienced baker and I still have no idea how to line a cake tin. Great post!

    • food-4tots says:

      Joanne: Thanks! I’m an inexperienced baker too. Most of the time I baked with trial and error and only picked up the important tips from my mistakes. 😉

  13. lingzie says:

    love the step by step photos! they must have taken quite a lot of effort! but the results are really nice! 🙂

    although i love baking so much, one of the things i dislike the most is lining my cake tin! lol

    • food-4tots says:

      Lingzie: Yup, you’re absolutely correct. It is my first attempt in doing self-posing shot. A real challenge to me! Hey, you know what, I also don’t like to line cake tin too. 😉

  14. Anu says:

    Thanks for the tips. Could you share where you got those cake pans? Would love to have some like that.

    • food-4tots says:

      Anu: You’re welcome! I bought these cake tins from a baking supply shop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia more than 5 years ago. Maybe you can try to look for it at your local baking supply shops. Hope it helps. 😉

  15. This is brilliant LK. I love simple easy-to-follow instructional posts like this. So valuable when you have all these lovely recipes requiring a lined baking tin!

  16. tigerfish says:

    Good tutorial from the teacher…thanks.

  17. M. says:

    nice instructional photos

  18. It looks as if I’m reading the steps from a cook book! Thanks for the efforts and sharing.

  19. Cool pics ! I’ve done this kind of self-taken pictures of tutorial, very challenging indeed.

    BTW, what camera did you use? Your pics are very clear and professional.

    • food-4tots says:

      Christine: Thanks a lot for your compliment. I really admire your step-by-step photos. Still a lot to learn from you. I’m using Olympus E520 (Guess I’m the only food blogger who uses this model, hahaha!). To get a sharper picture, you can increase your focus point (A=Aperture) to 18-22 and select multi-focus instead of single focus. Hope it helps!! 😉

  20. This is a great tutorial, and lining and lining pans makes such a huge difference. Great info!

  21. noobcook says:

    really clear step by step photos. bookmarked. will come in handy if I do ever, ever, ever bake a cake in future (god knows when haha).

  22. anggie says:

    Thanks …. ( x 1000) …. i had a same square cake tin like yours, i put it aside for so long, cos i duno how to line a nice paper … till the cake turn out ugly …
    hey, thanks for sharing this … 😛

  23. Rebecca Lee says:

    I just found your website from 光華 /Kwong Wah newspaper. I like your website. Thanks for sharing your recipes. I noticed that by linning a cake tin, the cake will raise much better as the tin is hot and the edges of the cake will be cooked before it raise to the perfect height. So I always line my cake tin and get a perfect cake. I often bake big cake 12″ X 10 ” and I will cover the top with a tray over 2 chopsticks for 10-15 mins to let the steam out so that the top will not be brown before it raise to perfection.
    By the way are you 刘丽君 ?

    • food-4tots says:

      Rebecca Lee: Yeah, you’re right. That’s me! I had posted my featuring in Kwong Wah at this link: Thanks for your wonderful tips!

      By the way, can these chopsticks withstand the heat during baking? Did you cover them during the last 10-15 mins?

      • Rebecca says:

        Sorry I did not see this until today !! Well, I placed chopsticks was to let the hot air escape otherwise the cake has 1001 holes on top !! I place it in the beginning before the cake is rise up !! I noticed by this way, the cake will rise to a perfect height and not a hill in the center !! After that I remove the chopsticks and tray and let it bake for another 15 mins over 170 degrees. If the center is not cooked but the sides are cooked & godlen, I will place a foil cut to my cake tin size but a hole in the center so that the center will get the heat but the side will not burnt !

        • food-4tots says:

          Rebecca: Oh, I see! I get your point now. Thanks for the elaboration! I will give it a try if I can find a metal tray. By the way, what is the brand for your oven and where is the heat source coming from? Mine is a Rowenta standalone oven and the heat and fan are coming from the left side. 😉

  24. shirley brown says:

    how do u line number tins,eg the number 3 and the o these r ones that have no bottom please advise thank you

  25. Martina says:

    Hi, I like your blog very much….I was asking myself where I can find such cake tin..Here in Italy I have never seen them, but I find them perfect for sponge cakes and other cakes….The square one is so nice!!! I love the removable bottom for a more easy unmoulding…Do you remember the brand of your tin or could you suggest me some site where I can buy them? Thank you very much…Martina

  26. May says:

    Hi, thanks for the photos. It definitely help me as I am new in baking. May I know what’s the difference between the following?
    1) Baking tin
    2)Baking tin with removable base
    3) Baking ring

    I went to the shop and saw these three. Is there any special purpose for each of them in baking? Hope you can help.


    • food-4tots says:

      May: (1) and (2) are the same. But, if a baking tin comes with removable base, you can remove your cake easily from the mould. For (3), I use it to cut my cookie dough. Some use it for making desserts or savoury dishes (ie to form patties). Hope I have clarified your doubt. 🙂

  27. Rebecca says:

    To me, if you greased your cake tin, why have to line to cake tin !! I wonder ??
    I often line my cake tin then I take some of the batter of the cake to gum the joints together !! Lazy woman’s job !!
    To me , we MUST line the cake tin as by this way, my cake will rise up evenly !! As cake tin is made of metal and get hot easily, the edge of the cake will rise and cooked before the center rise up. I often place a metal tray onto of my cake tin, don’t cover it totally as the Hot air will drip down water and make your cake has 1001 holes !! After 10 to 15 mins , I will remove it and let it bake in the oven. If the sides are cooked ( golden enough) but the center is not cooked, I will place a foil which was cut to the same size of my cake tin but cut open the center, on top of my cake and let it bake by this way, the center will cook and the side will not burnt !! May be it sound silly but I will get a prefect cake by this way.

    • food-4tots says:

      Rebecca: Greasing is to help the parchment paper fit nicely to the cake tin during baking. I had tried your method too but most of the time, the oven fan would blow down the side of the parchment paper. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your great tip on how to bake a perfect cake! May I know what shape your metal tray is. Is it the same shape/ size of your baking tin? How did you place it onto your cake tin? If you open the oven door after 10-15 minutes, will it cause a drop in the oven temperature? Sorry for asking so many questions. It will be great if you can point me to a photo link. 😉

      • Rebecca says:

        Yes, must be the same size or even bigger size but not smaller !! Usually my cake batter will go up to 50 % of the cake tin , so no problem at all !! Or you use your finger to get some remaining batter in the bowl to “gum’ 4 sides !! Laze woman’s job !!Ha !! I love short cut !!I will place 1-2 chop sticks on the cake tin and place a tray on top before you place the cake tin inside the oven, set 10-15 min and check after 10 mins, if it already rise up,wear oven glove before you open the oven then you can quickly remove the chopsticks and tray !! Happy Cooking !!

  28. Rebecca says:

    It is the first time to see to line square cake tin this way. I always line my rectangle cake tin just like a round tin, so no need to measure here and there !! Ha !! 丽君, I’m sure those who need to know more to cook can benefits by going through your blog !! Keep up your good job !!

  29. Rebecca says:

    Hi丽君, the metal tray was my swissroll tray !! Ha !! As it just big enough to cover my cake tin !! My oven is Ariston, the heat source coming from where, sorry I did not check but fan is coming right from the back of the oven.

  30. Rebecca says:

    丽君,You’re staying in Australia ? As Mayer is very popular there but things are expansive !! May be the Vietnam shop sell them cheaper !! Or you can use foil to cover partially with the help of a pair of chopsticks unless you plan to bake swissroll !! I always keep the foil and reuse them every time I bake my carrot cake or cakes. all my cakes are huge in size, more than 1.5 kg !!

    • food-4tots says:

      Rebecca: I’m currently staying in Singapore. My hometown is Penang. For your info, I don’t know how to make swissroll! lol! Actually, I prefer to make bread than cake. 😉

  31. Darren says:

    Hi, I could only greaseproof paper at phoon huat, is it the same as baking/parchment paper? Must I use greaseproof paper or baking/parchment paper to line the baking tin?

    • food-4tots says:

      Darren: It’s the same. But if your budget is allowed, I would like to recommend Glad baking paper. You can find it at most of the supermarkets. 😉

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