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Lemon cheesecake (non-baked)

lemon cheesecake non-baked


Source: Unknown (My ex-colleague, J adapted from a coobook)

Pan required: 20cm (8″) round shape baking tin (lined with grease proof sheet)



For the crust:
11 slices wholemeal/ digestive biscuits – refer photo (d)
55g unsalted butter

For the filling:
1 tbsp gelatine powder
3 tbsp water
250g cream cheese, at room temperature –refer photo (c)
60g castor sugar
2 large egg yolks (refer to note 1)
Grated lemon zest (from 1 large lemon, use only the yellow part)) – refer photo (a)
3 tbsp lemon juice
2 tsp cointreau (I had omitted it)
150ml dairy whipping cream – refer photo (b)
Pepper mints (for ganishing) – optional



Stage 1: To make the crust:

  1. Put biscuits in a plastic bag and crush with a rolling pin/ glass bottle. (refer photo 1)
  2. Melt butter in a pan.
  3. Mix biscuits crumbs and melted butter in a bowl until well combined. Then put into a baking tin.
  4. Cut out the plastic bag (from step 1 in stage 1) and cover it over the crumbs. Use both your hands/ a presser to press the crust evenly and firmly over the bottom of the baking tin. (refer photo 2)
  5. Cover with cling wrap and refrigerate (removed after step 7 in stage 2). Now, proceed with stage 2.

Stage 2: To make the filling:

  1. Dilute gelatine powder with water in a small bowl. Set aside. (refer photo 3)
  2. Beat cream cheese and sugar until soft and creamy. (refer photo 5)
  3. Add in egg yolk, and then follow by lemon zest. Mix well. Set aside.
  4. Transfer the diluted gelatine powder together with the bowl (from step 1 in stage 2) into a sauce pan filled with some water. Heat up the sauce pan under low heat. Stir the diluted gelatine powder until  fully dissolved (refer photo 4). Then pour it into mixture from step 3 (stage 2) and mix quickly.
  5. Add in lemon juice and conintreau (if any). Mix well. Set aside.
  6. Whip cream with a hand whisk until creamy and soft peak. Do not over-beat the cream. (refer photo 6)
  7. Fold in (remember to fold, not stir) whipping cream into mixture from step 5 (stage 2) until well combined. If the mixture is too dry, add some cold or iced water and beat until the consistency is close to the beaten cream cheese. (refer photo 7)
  8. Spoon the filling onto the crust (prepared in stage 1). Smoothen the surface. Cover with cling wrap and refrigerate for at least 3-4 hours (best overnight) until firm before serving (refer photo 8).


  1. Raw egg is not recommended for infants, the elderly, pregnant women, and people with weakened immune systems. To avoid the risk of salmonella infection, you can use pasteurized egg yolk instead. Pasteurized egg are eggs which have been heated to a temperature high enough to destroy the Salmonella.
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  1. Pat says:

    Hi, can’t wait to bake this (trying baking for the first time for my two year old son). Can I omit the egg yolk – will the cake be compromised?

  2. Ling says:

    Hey there, if I use a spring form pan, do I still need to line with grease proof sheet? Sorry I am new to it. Thanks and I love how beautifully your cheesecake made and I bet it tastes heavenly good. =)

    • food-4tots says:

      Ling: I don’t have a spring form pan. I think you need to line it as a protection when cutting the cake later. Thanks a lot for your nice comment and happy baking!! 😉

  3. Yen says:

    Hi, LK

    is this recipe suitable for 15mths old toddler? Coz raw egg yolk is used ,Can I omitted it?

    • food-4tots says:

      Yen: As mentioned in my recipe, it’s best to use pastreurized eggs which have been heated to a temperature high enough to destroy the Salmonella. I am not sure how it will turn out without egg yolk as I haven’t tried it myself. For your toddler, I do not recommend this recipe. Please take note that all the recipes in my blog are recommended for toddlers above 2.5 years old. 😉

  4. Lisa Then says:

    Hi, I’ve tried your recipe and used jelly powder (it seems to be another name for gelatine?).

    However, after mixing the powder with water & heating, it seems to solidify into clumps and not as liquid as it seems to be. Am I doing anything wrong? Sorry, but I’m a newbie to this. =)

  5. Lisa Then says:

    Oh nooo… Thanks for pointing this out! I’ve got the actual gelatine powder this time and will try again!

  6. RJ says:

    It actually taste nice but I accidently make it to soft.(Maybe becauz I overbeat the whipping cream)But it is still VERY NICE!

  7. Dawn says:

    Can I check with u what is the speed u use to best the cream cheese with the sugar? Thanks

    • food-4tots says:

      Dawn: My electrical mixer has only 3 speeds. I use speed 2 for this recipe. Since you can also beat the cream cheese with hand whisk, so the speed is just moderate. Hope it helps! 😉

  8. Kx says:

    What type of wipping cream is this? I dunno how to differentiate betwee them. Which one is for cooking & which is for baking? Can u teac me how to see the label.

  9. Nikita says:

    Hey I loved your log, great can’t wait to try out the recipes:)

  10. Nikita says:

    I wish I could send you a photo, not just of my cheese cake but also of my daughter who was soooo happy!
    Although I did make a few mistakes, firstly I used all low fat ingredients because my husband is on a diet, secondly I didn’t whip the cream well, thirdly I couldn’t fold it with the mixtures so I just mixed it and lastly , instead of lemon I used strawberry. So it wasn’t as firm as yours, but it was still amazing and tasted great!! Thanks a lot. Am planning to make mango pudding tomorrow and hopefully some other dishes as ‘special menu’ on our wedding anniversary that’s coming soon. Thanks again. All the photos in the recipe are very helpful. I cannot imagine the effort you must have put it to make this so great:)

    • food-4tots says:

      Nikita: Thanks a lot for your kind feedback! Even without photo but based on your description, I can imagine how sweet her “cheesy” smile was. Glad to know that your modified version of the cheesecake suits your taste bud. Can’t wait to hear your feedback for the mango pudding. Wishing you a Happy Wedding Anniversary and Happy Cooking/ Baking (in advance)!! Thanks for your wonderful compliment!! I’m so happy that you find my photos very helpful to you. 😉

  11. SL says:

    Hi! This recipe is fantastic! My very first attempt and it turned out great! Hubby’s only comment was that the lemon “over powered” the cheese but it was still “yummylicious”! Thanks again for sharing the recipe!

  12. Jacqueline says:

    Hi, May i know where can I buy the pastreurized eggs ? Is pasteurized egg = sterelised egg? what i saw in ntuc fair price is sterelised egg….

    • food-4tots says:

      Jacqueline: You can try NTUC, Cold Storage, Marketplace or any organic shops at the chiller section. Not sure about sterilized egg though. You may need to read the label or ask the shop assistant for help. 😉

      • Jacqueline says:

        Hi, Finally I still failed to find pasteurised egg :(, so i decided to omit it from the recipe and give it a try. Who know it still turn out delicious!!:)(Yummy) I like your recipes so much that always give me a move to cook something new 😛

  13. christine says:

    hi dear, can i know how to whip the cream ? to me, i bought the president whipping creme, and realised its very watery .
    may i know whats castor sugar ?
    sorry i know my questions may sounded silly to u but i really got no idea .

    • food-4tots says:

      Christine: The whipping cream is watery but once you whip it (similar to how you whisk your egg white), it turns creamy and slowly forms peak. If you do it with a hand whisk, it will take around 10 minutes. I suggest you use an electrical mixer to do the whipping. Castor sugar is very fine granulated sugar. Hope it clears your doubt. 😉

  14. Yan says:

    Hi, i had just tried doing this cake. I make a big mistake!! i put in 2 whole egg!! Gosh! Do u think its will still turn out alright?

  15. yammy says:

    Did anyone make a big mistake in the steps? I actually put the whole egg!!

  16. Thank you for sharing this recipe with the photos. I tried it out with slight modification and also without the eggs. Tasted sinfully delicious and my kids finished the whole tray.

  17. food-4tots says:

    Yvonne: Glad to hear your success story!! 😉

  18. May says:

    Sorry may i know what is lemon zest? Do you buy the lemon zest or you have to extract from a lemon? How do you extract?

    May o know what type of lemon juice you use?

    Do you think it can be substituted with vanilla?

    Thanks for your sharing, can’t wait to try it out

    • food-4tots says:

      May: Lemon zest is the rich outermost part of the rind of a lemon. I don’t think it is available in the supermarket. To zest a lemon, you can follow any one of the 3 methods mentioned in this link: Usually, I use either lemon grater or zester to zest a lemon. Lemon juice refers juice that you squeeze directly from a lemon like the way you do for orange. Since it’s a lemon cheesecake, it will be go to use lemon juice. Hope I have clarified your doubts. Happy trying! 😉

      • May says:

        Hi, thanks for your info! Finally get to try this recipe. The taste is great! However, my cake turns out quite ‘watery’. I suspect may be I whisk the whipped cream with hand, and in the end I got no energy to continue whisking until the cream become more creamy :S
        Shall use an electric one next time.

        Anyway, thanks again!

  19. Andr says:

    Hi, I tried your recipe once and the cake turned out very nice, except for the crust which was not firm and solid enough. What could have gone wrong?

    Secondly, how do I remove the cake easily from the pan since I use normal baking tin instead of spring form pan? Please share your tips.

    Thank you 🙂

  20. Nikita says:

    I love the recipe. I was however, just wondering how many servings this would make. Also what was the size of your pan?
    Thank you in advance 🙂

  21. Phoebe says:

    I can’t find the exact whipping cream. Only can find president creme whipping cream. Is it ok?

  22. Phoebe says:

    Just tried ur recipe with my hubby today. Used hand whisk, still sourcing for one electrical stand mixer within my means. Whipping cream was hard, luckily hubby helped. No energy lo… Can’t wait to see the results tml. Hope its successful

  23. Matthew says:

    Hi, just a few question.

    1) what will happen if i use normal egg yorks instead of pastreurized egg yorks?

    2)can i replace dairy whipping cream with double or heavy cream?

    3) does adding cointreau give a better taste to the cake?


  24. phoebe says:

    Been baking the cheesecake with ur recipe. But I cant seem to have the cheesecake nicely at the sides when I peeled the baking paper off. How to take the cheesecake out nicely? I used a non removeable round cake tin. Can I dont put any baking paper at the side?

    • food-4tots says:

      Phoebe: I’m not sure how to take a cake out from a non-removable cake tin without lining baking paper. Maybe you can try getting a good quality baking paper (ie GLAD brand). 🙂

  25. bac says:

    i tried this recipe…it was just perfect to how i wanted to taste. thanks for sharing…

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