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Banana bread

banana bread, Food For Tots

Do you have problems clearing your fully ripen bananas at home? I always have, and don’t know how to deal with them except to gobble them up fast so as not see them go to waste.

That was until recently when I chanced upon a wonderful banana bread recipe from Bits of Taste. The recipe and preparation were adapted from a YouTube video which demonstrated how to make this old fashioned banana bread in a simple and easy-to-follow method.

After watching the video clip, I had no problem baking it even though it was my maiden attempt. However, I modified the recipe slightly by substituting sour cream (called by the original recipe) with yogurt.  And, the banana bread still turned out to very moist and tasty. My son loved it so much that he finished 3 slices in one go, and kept coming back for more.

It’s a perfect addition to your kids’ school lunchbox.  It makes a great snack during teatime as well. Why not give it a try?

Click on page 2 below for Banana Bread recipe……….

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  1. Selba says:

    Seriously… I LOVE your food pictures… don’t know how many times I’ve already said it but I do 🙂

    There’s time when my mom got really into making banana bread, maybe I should share this recipe, who knows she is going to bake it again, hehehe

    • food-4tots says:

      Selba: Tks a lot for your wonderful compliments!!! I am really appreciated that. You can try it out yourself and give your mom a surprise instead. 😉

  2. Ching says:

    I love banana bread or cake. What is the difference?

    • food-4tots says:

      Ching: That’s a good question! I had done a google search but didn’t get a satisfactory answer. Some said the difference comes from the size of the pan used. But I personally think that the difference comes from the texture. The word “bread” sounds to be a lighter version than the word “cake” to me. What do you think? 😉

  3. Amy says:

    Bananas turn brown so quickly, don’t they? And then nobody will eat them. This is a fantastic way to make use of them. I also like to use them in muffins.

    Baking is a great way to get the kids involved, too. I always have my 3YO help scoop, pour, and stir. Then she’s really excited to eat whatever we make.

    I love the yogurt substitution!

    • food-4tots says:

      Amy: I totally agreed with you. As long as we get the kids involved in the food preparation, they will surely get excited and enjoy the food they eat. That’s the way I taught my son too. 😉

  4. what a treat you have there, just amazing juicy cake! very refreshing1

  5. Little Inbox says:

    You banana bread looks great! Look at the texture, it’s beautiful. I want to try this out.

  6. Alice says:

    😀 It is indeed very tasty! My whole family loved it too… enjoy!

  7. noobcook says:

    This looks so fluffy & yummy, and so beautifully photographed =)

  8. peanutts says:

    Bananas always starts going bad as soon as they enter the house. Why is that really. Is it the temperature in the supermarket? Or too much sun light in the house?

    • food-4tots says:

      Peanutts: I think the heat causes the banana to turn ripe faster. You can try moving them away from the window/ sunlight so that they can last longer. 😉

  9. You are a genius cook to substitute the sour cream with yogurt. I believe not only it tastes better, it also suits better to kids. Yummy!!!

  10. felicia says:

    i loveeeeee banana bread! but i havent found a recipe that i like yet.
    maybe this is it! heh thank you 🙂

  11. I always love to have banana bread since i was small. It really gives a good smell!

  12. mycookinghut says:

    I always have problems to finish the banana at home too. So, first thing that comes to mind is always to bake banana bread! I prefer the banana back home, sweeter and tastier!!

    • food-4tots says:

      Lee Mei (MCH): I totally agreed with you. We can easily find cheap and good bananas in Malaysia and Singapore. When I made this banana bread, I couldn’t find any ripen bananas in the wet market. So I just bought one and had to wait for a few days before they were fully ripen. Hahaha! 😉

  13. Joanne says:

    I am very picky about how ripe my bananas should be (I like them very unripe) so I almost always end up baking with them when I buy them! I will have to try this recipe.

    • food-4tots says:

      Joanne: I was told that eating fully ripen bananas (esp with its skin) is more nutritious than eathing those unripe ones. Maybe you should look for those not-so-sweet varieties (eg pisang rajah) to try it out. Hope you will love this recipe. 😉

  14. Dora says:

    Looks good! Love to eat them but lazy to make. ;p

  15. I absolute lovvee bread! And so far, banana bread is one ELUSIVE find. Funny isnt it?
    Gardenia’s banana walnut frm Sg is good but it is not “wholely” banana bread, more of chunks of banana on the bread (not mixed in).
    prob is, most recipes churned out banana bread but the texture is heavy and dense like cake!
    wht i want is the bread airiness and fluffy texture like bread. I wonder if this recipe gets bread like tht?

    • food-4tots says:

      The Nomad Gourmand: I had stopped eating Gardenia bread for quite a while as they put a lot of preservatives in their bread. This recipe is not exactly like a bread texture. It is between a cake and a bread. Btw, how’s your new toy – the bread machine “imported” from Singapore?

  16. Its the Red man brand. Not sure if its a good brand?

  17. priscilla says:

    Hey there. I linked you in my blog. I love all your recipes. tried and tested!

  18. Penguin~ says:

    Hey, nice recipe… Going to try it with my new oven soon (i hope)..

    Btw, just wondering how do u measure 1 cup of sugar? I normally prefer cakes / bread which is less sweet…

    • food-4tots says:

      Penguin: Tks! It is definitely a great investment to have an oven. Now I just realised that how many new recipes I can experiment with an oven. I used US measuring cup for measuring my dry ingredients. As a guide, 1 cup of castor and granulated sugar = 225g; 1 cup of flour = 150g. For this recipe, it called for 1.5 cups of sugar and I had reduced it to 1 cup. But I still found that it was slightly sweet even though I used unrefined cane sugar (instead of white sugar). You can try to reduce slightly but do not cut down too much as I am afraid that the results will not be too satisfactory. Hope it helps and looking forward to hearing good news from you. 😉

  19. I have yet to try sour cream with any of my baking yet…really have to find out the secret ingredient to make cake moist. 🙂

  20. lingzie says:

    awesome photos!! i love banana bread and i usually buy the wholemeal banana bread from Continental bakery in penang. really good stuff though its expensive. should try making my own with your recipe. hehe

    • food-4tots says:

      Lingzie: Tks!! I like all the breads and pastries in Continental bakery. Whenever I am in Penang, I will patron this shop. The price sounds reasonable to me based on the quality I get. 😉

  21. Hi, what a coincidence, I just made banana cake! You are right, there is no satisfactory answer on the diff between banana cake and banana bread. I just know they both taste yummy ;P Nonetheless, I must try your recipe one day. I think the yogurt makes it extra soft, yes? Beautiful texture!

  22. Hey, me in Sg today and tmw..wonder if u free to meet.
    can email me..

  23. I like the new website…esp. the header..that fits perfectly with the site description.

    Soya drink was, is and always will be my fav. breakfast drink! Your food photos are truly a feast for the eyes.

    Angie’s Recipes

  24. oh…man…I thought I clicked the title of homemade soya milk……but hey, I am glad to find another banana bread recipe!

    Angie’s Recipes

  25. I just discovered your site and what can I say I m lost in words, Its wonderful. Your bakes are perfect. This cake looks delicious and surely I m trying it next 🙂

    • food-4tots says:

      Snooky doodle: Tks for visiting my site. I am still a novice in baking. Your cakes look so gorgeous and I am drooling looking at them. I think it will be a long way for me to catch up with your baking skill. 😉

  26. buzzingbee says:

    I always like banana cake/bread. This one looks good 🙂

  27. eunice says:

    Thanks for your nice banana bread recipe.I have been try this recipe my daughter say its yummy.

  28. Karla says:

    I love the idea of substituting the sour cream for yogurt (or fat free sour cream?). I am doing weight watchers. Do you think that other substitutions will work as well…as wheat flour instead white flour…egg whites (powder) or egg whites (egg beaters) for the eggs and Stevia instead the sugar?…Hope to hear from you soon…love banana bread so much that I have to be careful not over do it!! But I want to bake so if a can find a great low cal low fat version it will be great!!

    • food-4tots says:

      Karla: It is great that you are so healthy conscious and watching your weight now. Sorry that I can’t advise you on your substitutions as I haven’t tried those ingredients before and not sure what the taste will be. Maybe you can do a google search to get your answer. 😉

  29. x-wai says:

    hello, i would like to ask you a question. can i use fruit flavoured yogurt instead of plain yogurt?

    • food-4tots says:

      X-Wai: Using plain yogurt is to bring out the banana flavour to the bread. It is possible to use fruit flavoured yogurt if you don’t mind to get a different taste. 😉

  30. Mei says:

    I tried this a few days ago, it tastes yummy and my family likes it and I will try it again. Thanks for your recipe.

  31. Hui says:

    How come my banana bread is v hard? The wet mixture is not really wet as the sugar is so much more than the butter even when I add in the egg, essence. The dough is quifte dry.

    • food-4tots says:

      Hui: There are many factors that can cause your banana bread/ cake hard. Before you start, make sure your butter is softened at room temperature. Then cream the mixture in step (4) until pale, light and fluffy before you proceed to step (5). Besides that, click on the link on “Jason Hills of Chef Tips” (page 2) to watch the video for better understanding. Hope it helps! 😉

  32. Vicky says:

    Made this cake for my family & neighbours. Everyone said yummy. Definitely a keeper. Thks very much for the recipe.

    • food-4tots says:

      Vicky: Thanks for your kind feedback. Glad it suits your family and neighbours’ taste buds. If you like walnuts, you can try my banana walnut cake too. 😉

  33. Amy says:

    Hi hi, I am a fan of ur website and hv referred many friends to try ur recipes. My 3 yr old son loves this banana bread recipe. I wld like to ask if u hv weighed your bananas before – how many grams is 5 medium bananas? If u hv, pls share. I noticed that putting too much bananas cause a wet n Uncooked texture . May I also know if u hv baked this recipe into cupcakes?.Thanks!! 🙂

    • food-4tots says:

      Amy: Thanks for your kind support. For this recipe, I didn’t weight the bananas. The size for each banana is around 15cm long with 3cm in diameter. I haven’t tried baking cupcakes with this recipe so I’m not sure about the outcome. 😉

  34. Jaz says:

    Hi, thanks alot for the recipe! It’s great for a beginner like me. However, was wondering why is it that my top crust is quite pale in color and not appearing a nice brown? Appreciate if you have any tips on that.

  35. Jaz says:

    I would think so coz the taste is okie but maybe let me try again the next time as the proportions may be incorrect.

  36. Sher says:


    I am learning to bake and tried your recipe but my banana bread’s top crust turn out nicely brow with soggy & wet body. Where did I go wrong?

  37. apple ng says:

    What weight is medium sized egg did you use here?

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