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My masala chai photo featured in VivaMais Magazine

masala chai combined

I like to thank  Ligia Menezes, a Brazilian journalist for selecting my photo for her recent article featuring masala chai. Her article, written in Portuguese language, was published in VivaMais magazine (N1) at end May 2009 and is about how to lose weight by drinking masala chai. If you are interested to find out more about her article, you can use this Google translate tool for translation.

(N1: VivaMais is a weekly magazine in Brazil. It features many interesting issues for woman aged between 18-30 years old such as fashion, diets, healthy, economy/ money, house, family… etc.)

Ligia was kind enough to email me a soft copy of her article so that I can share it with my readers.  She even sent me a hard copy of the magazine for my record.

If you are interested to make your own chai masala, refer to this post for step-by-step guide.


< Click to view for larger version. I had highlighted my photo and website respectively with red borders for your easy indentification. >

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  1. Lígia Menezes says:

    Hi! I thank you for your colaboration and quick answer… It was very nice work with you and I loved the results…
    If you need me, just send me an email.

  2. Ching says:

    Congrats! Looks great. 🙂

  3. skinnymum says:

    getting famous … my friend. congrats!

  4. congratulation!! very soon you’re going to be famous like Lilian Chan! haha!

  5. Alice says:

    Congrats! Tell you a secret! I have fallen in love with this tea… I have also added Cinnamon, Cardamon, Anise Star, Cloves and extra ginger! Taste heaven! Oh, I didn’t know it can help to lose weight, should drink more! 🙂

  6. Little Inbox says:

    Congrats! This is the 2nd good news for you in June!

  7. wow this is awesome! your work is travelling now, so so cool! congrats!

  8. bryan TEH says:

    Congratulation!!! LaiKuan. Great to know that your blog expose very fast. . . soon you’ll be featuring malaysia one of the top blogger.

  9. ck lam says:

    Congrates LK…so happy for you and I am sure the two gentleman back home is very proud of you. Keep up the good work.

  10. allie says:

    wow! Featured again! *claps*

  11. Chin says:

    I get my Chai Latte this from the Starbuck. Like it and I think an up and coming drink.

  12. mycookinghut says:

    Congratulations!! 🙂

  13. Christine says:

    That’s great. Congrats!

    I like your pics also, very impressive!

  14. cariso says:

    In brazil language somemore! Phew! GOOD!

  15. Dora says:

    Wow! U’re so famous now. Congrats! 😀

  16. anggie says:

    many many congrats to you …. is masala chai a tea ?? i tell u what, i really miss TEA. i try very hard to reduce or not taking any tea at this moment, i will sure come back and try this out …

    here .. u’re good !!

    • food-4tots says:

      Anggie: Many many thanks to you!! Yes, it is an Indian tea. I agree that tea which contains caffeine is not recommended for your situation now. How about those teas made from flowers? 😉

  17. Myf says:

    Congrats! Chai is always delicious in the evenings 🙂

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