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Stir-fried brown beehoon (rice vermicelli)

stirfry, brown, beehoon, Chinese, kid, toddler, food for tots


Have you tried eating brown beehoon (brown rice vermicelli) before? If this is the first time you come across it, don’t be taken aback with the word “brown” and associate it with brown rice or whole wheat noodles. The one that I tried is totally different in term of flavor and texture. It is a product of Thailand (Star Lion brand – see photo below) which I bought from my local supermarket. I stir-fried this beehoon by adapting and modifying recipes from my early post (no-frying noodles) and Hawker’s Fair – Best of all time favourites (Fried meehoon Singapore style). This one-meal noodle dish is not only healthy, it is also fantastically delicious! If you are craving for rice vermicelli next time, give this recipe a try.

Served: 4 – 5
brown beehoon, kid, toddler, food for tots
100g brown rice beehoon (rice vermicelli) – soaked with tap water until soft and drained
20g glass noodles (dong fen) – soaked with tap water until soft and drained
(The ratio for these 2 noodles is varied subject to personal preference.)
3 nos fresh mushrooms (about 50g) – julienne
(* For  fresh ones, blanch over hot water.)
(* For  dried ones, soaked with water, dash of sugar and oil; retain the water for stir-fry.)
30g carrots – julienne
80g cabbage – julienne
1 medium-sized red onion (60g) – sliced thinly
80g chicken breast meat – julienne
(* marinated with light soya sauce, sugar and cornflour for at least half an hour.)
1 egg – beaten, fried and shredded
1 lime (for garnishing) – optional

2 tbsp tomato sauce/ ketchup
3 tsp worcestershire sauce
2 tsp oyster sauce
2 tsp light soy sauce
½ tsp chili sauce (Add more if you like spicy food)
½ tsp dark soya sauce
1 tsp sugar
50ml water
Dash of pepper and sesame oil

Methods (AMC method):

  1. Heat up wok with oil, sauté onion until golden brown and fragrant. Set aside.
  2. Heat up wok with oil, stir-fry chicken until fragrant. Set aside.
  3. Heat up wok with oil, fry egg and shred thinly. Set aside.
  4. Put 1 tbsp oil (preferable fried shallot or garlic oil) on the AMC wok.
  5. Spread evenly cabbages, carrots, mushrooms, onion and both types of noodles (beehoon & dong fen)
  6. Pour over the seasonings on the ingredients.
  7. Cover the lid and cook under medium heat until the AMC timer indicates 1 o’clock.
  8. Open the lid and toss the ingredients until it is well-combined.
  9. Cover the lid and let it cook until the timer shows 1 o’clock again.
  10. Off the heat and wait until the timer returns to 12 o’clock.
  11. Add in shredded eggs and squeeze some lime juice over it.

Methods (normal method)

  1. Heat up 3 tbsp oil, add in soaked and drained beehoon and pan-fry it until golden brown and aromatic. Blanched (烫一烫) it in hot water for a short while (1-2 seconds). Dish and drain.
  2. Heat up 2 tbsp oil,  sauté onion until fragrant and golden brown.
  3. Add in all ingredients and stir-fry until fragrant. Add in beehoon, seasonings and stir-fry until it is well mixed. Dish up.
  4. Add in shredded eggs and squeeze some lime juice over it.

*Note:  Alternative, beehoon may be soaked with water till soft but the pan-fried beehoon will yield more aromatic flavour.


stirfry, brown, beehoon, kid, toddler, food for tots


I am submitting this dish to Presto Pasta Night, founded by Ruth of Once Upon A Feast, and hosted by Kitchenetta of  Got No Milk this week.


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  1. kitchenetta says:

    Wow, does this look good or what. I am definitely going to try this one. Thanks for sharing it with PPN, which I am proudly hosting this week.

  2. taylor says:

    wheres the fish sauce!??!!

  3. […] hop, skip, and a jump over to Singapore, and look what Food 4 Tots blog has made for us – Stir-fried brown beehoon (also known as brown rice vermicelli). This is something I could very readily sink my fork into […]

  4. Tin says:

    Yummy… I love beehoon! I’m feeling so hungry already 🙂

  5. I’ve never seen this before! It gives a really nice colour to the dish!

  6. Ning says:

    Beautiful picture! You have a beautiful site! 🙂 I don’t think I can find brown rice Bee Hoon here, but I think this is a healthier version! 🙂

  7. Ok, I love this ‘tang hoon char been hoon’. Maybe next time you would add some seafood. 🙂

    • food-4tots says:

      My taste heaven: The combination of these 2 noodles will make it more chewy. Tks for the great idea. Will put in some prawns next time. 😉

  8. noobcook says:

    I made my white bee hoon ‘brown’ by using soy sauces keke … I’ve never tried brown type before… and it looks healthy and tasty!

  9. tigerfish says:

    Hahhahaa….if you have not specify the brown “bee hoon” that you have, I thought it was the soy sauce effect! 😀

  10. Alice says:

    This looks so delicious and I will surely give it a try the next time I crave for BeeHoon… *wink*

  11. Dora says:

    Where did u get the brown rice bee hoon huh? I would like to try also.

  12. Selba says:

    Yummm… is the light soy sauce like kecap manis? Here in Indonesia, the way to cook stir-fried beehoon is always using sweet soy sauce 🙂

    • food-4tots says:

      Is kecap manis same as sweet soy sauce? For Chinese, we refer sweet soy sauce as dark soy sauce. It is also quite common among the Chinese to use dark soy sauce for stir-frying noodles. 😉

  13. mycookinghut says:

    I have never tried brown rice bee hoon.. sounds like a good alternative!!

  14. This looks delicious! I love noodle dishes with lots of vegetables. I’ll have to look for brown rice noodles.

  15. it looks the same as the normal bee hoon, hor?

  16. wow!! look like mee siam!! now you make my tummmy grouching!! hahaha!! never try this type of bee hoon b4..wonder how it’s taste…compare with regular been hoon

    • food-4tots says:

      M.A.K.: Tastewise, it has very slight diff. For texture, it is slightly chewy than the normal beehoon. I would say that it is a healthier choice for noddles!

  17. prissy says:


    I love your blog. Can I clarify : Under Methods (normal method)

    Heat up 3 tbsp oil, add in beehoon and pan-fry until golden brown and aromatic. Soak in hot water for a short while. Dish and drain.

    Should I add in beehoon which has already been soaked or not soaked (ie dry)? If soaked, then soaking in hot water would mean soaking a second time right? Will it be too soft? Thanks for clarifying.

    • food-4tots says:

      Prissy: Tks for your kind comment. 1st, add in soaked n drained beehoon to pan-fry. Then immediately blanched (烫一烫) the pan-fry beehoon with hot water for 1-2 seconds. In this case, it will not be too soft even if it is the normal beehoon. Hope it helps. Do let me know the outcome after trying it out. U can write directly to me at 😉

  18. hahahah I was thinking that you will dish this up if we get to meet lol!

  19. Mah says:

    I seldom cook and so don’t know what’s worcestershire sauce? Where can i get it? Is there any particular brand to look for?

  20. food-4tots says:

    @ Yuka: Tks for dropping by! Hope to see you more often. 😉

  21. Elaine Friis says:

    Hi Food-4tots

    i have been following some of your recipes for my toddlers. They are fantastic!!! Could you tell me where you bought these brown rice bee hoon from? I would like to buy them. If you happened to know if there exists any organic wholewheat Chinese noodles, I would be grateful to know too.

    Many thanks in advance!


  22. Elaine Friis says:

    Thank you so much for sharing!!! I am so excited to try them!!!

  23. food-4tots says:

    Yue Edwads: Thanks for dropping by and your kind compliment. 😉

  24. Lilboymum says:

    I do not have Worcestershire sauce on hand wad can I use to replace?
    And can I use udon instead of beehoon?

    Thanks in advance

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