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Vegetarian dinner at Lily’s Vegetarian Kitchen

vegetarian, dinner, Lily's Vegetarian Kitchen, kid, toddler, food for tots


I am not a pure vegetarian but I truly love vegetarian food (regardless of Chinese, Indian, Western….) more for health rather than for religious reason. This is why you can find a variety of simple homecooked vegetarian dishes I tried and shared with you in my blog (under the categories of “vegetarian”) with some of my top picks listed here.

a) pesto pasta (Western)
lentils with pumpkin and tomato (Indian)
Indian vegetarian rice (Indian)
stir-fried pumpkin and cucumber with vegetarian duck (Chinese)
e) stir-fried fine french beans with mixed vegetables (Chinese)
f) Luo Han Zhai(罗汉斋)


In food haven Penang, you can find many hawker stalls and restaurants serving vegetarian meals. On New Year’s Eve, my family members and I had a vegetarian dinner at Lily’s Vegetarian Kitchen. This restaurant is specializing in vegetarian Chinese, Nyonya, Fusion and Western cuisine and caters for all occasions. It occupies 2 floors with ground floor mainly for self-service canteen, whereas the first floor accommodates to walk-in ala-carte dining and private functions such as birthday and wedding occasions. The food served is all vegetarian and mostly soya-based instead of gluten.


We started our dinner with a 4-seasons combo (kerabu, satay, fish ring, stir-fried scallop, crabmeat, gingko nuts with french beans). The satay is their signature dish. The mocked meat is so tender and the peanut sauce is very tasty.


vegetarian, dinner, Lily's Vegetarian Kitchen, kid, toddler, food for tots


Next, we were served with vegetarian sharkfin soup. All of us concluded that it tasted better that the real sharkfin soup!


vegetarian, dinner, Lily's Vegetarian Kitchen, kid, toddler, food for totsvegetarian, dinner, Lily's Vegetarian Kitchen, kid, toddler, food for tots


Our 3rd course is ying yang prawn – mocked prawns in 2 different flavours. Salad prawn and Nestum butter prawn. Both are delicious. I personally prefer Nestum butter prawn because it has a strong curry leaves flavour to it.


vegetarian, dinner, Lily's Vegetarian Kitchen, kid, toddler, food for tots


Next, we had mutton curry with fried buns. The fried buns(馒头) go well with the curry gravy. Did you notice those small glasses with red-coloured drink? It is their famous imported organic and caffeine free “mixed fruit tea”. A must try for everyone.


vegetarian, dinner, Lily's Vegetarian Kitchen, kid, toddler, food for tots


To wind up the dinner, we had vegetarian braised yee mee (noodles).


vegetarian, dinner, Lily's Vegetarian Kitchen, kid, toddler, food for tots


It was a very satisfying and enjoyable dinner to end our Penang trip. The total bill came out to be RM250.00 net (US$70) for a table of nine adults and a child (actually he eats like an adult on a two third portion like grandpa and grandma). Overall, the quality of the food and services are good. You can find other creative and ingenuine vegetarian nyonya dishes ie otak-otak.


Contact details:
Lily’s vegetarian kitchen
98 Noble House
Madras Lane
10400 Penang
Tel/Fax: 04-2263810

For other details and map, please refer to this link:

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  1. New Kid on the Blog says:

    how come I never know this place in Penang???

    look at the food… they look real!!! 😀

    the curry mutton just looked too yummy to me!!! drool!!!!….

  2. Bits of Life 'n' Taste says:

    Nice food, nice review, nice pics… love those Vegetarian food. If I happen to go to Penang again for holiday, I will surely persuade my hubs to try this out! haha…

  3. Selba says:

    The vegetarian food looks very delicious. Too bad, so far, I can’t find any good vegetarian restaurants here in Jakarta, most of them are big disappointments, either the presentation or taste.

  4. pigpigscorner says:

    Wow they all look really delicious! I don’t mind eating vegetarian food everyday if they all look like this!

  5. Dora says:

    I luv vegetarian food. All these look so delicious! Too bad, it’s in Penang and not in SG.

  6. cariso says:

    Yup , agree with you the vegetarian food here is good but for price wise, it’s a bit pricey loh. 🙂

  7. Tin says:

    Wow, the food looks so yummy! I’m salivating already …

  8. Food For Tots says:

    NKOTB: This place is new to me too! It was recommended by my sister.

    BOLNT: Yes, remember to bookmark this place in your coming Pg trip.

    Selba: Besides Pg, u can find good vegetarian food in KL too.

    Pigpigscorner: Me too! Looks so irresistible right?

    Dora: Is there any good vegetarian food in Spore? I found 1 hawker stall at Bedok selling delicious vegetarian food. Have u tried it b4?

    Carino: I guess their price was at the high side bcos they used better quality ingredients and organic products. Maybe u can try their ala-carte menu ie nasi lemak, fried Indian mee, fish head noodles served at ground floor.

    Tin: I missed the food too! Hehehe!

  9. Nazarina A says:

    Did you notice me, sitting at the end of your table?

  10. Dora says:

    The vegetarian stalls at causeway point and pasir panjang wholesale centre Kopitiam are quite good. I am interested to know which vegetarian restaurant(s) sell nice vegetarian food. If u come across any, maybe u can let me know?

  11. tigerfish says:

    The noodles look real good! I am not a pure vegetarian too but once in a while, it becomes yummy food!

  12. ck lam says:

    Vegetarian dishes looks so yummy and yet I have not been to this place…a must visit soon.

  13. Food For Tots says:

    Nazarina A: Really?? So funny! You are always welcome to join us.

    Dora: Sure. I will drop u an email. What’s the name for those stalls u recommend?

    Tigerfish: The noodles tasted good too!

    CK Lam: Yes. A must try if you like vegetarian food. Let me have your comments after your visit. 😉

  14. mikky says:

    vegetarian are so creative with their dishes… everything looks so yum… 🙂

  15. Dora says:

    I forgot to note the name of the stalls (if i am not wrong, it is 八仙). But there is only one vegetarian stall in the Kopitiam at Causeway Pt and Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre. 😉

  16. noobcook says:

    everything looks really delicious especially the veg sharksfin soup! =D

  17. Beachlover says:

    wow!! this vegetarian foos look good like real meat food!..wanna to grab the sharkfin soup now!

  18. Pearl says:

    looks so delish!

  19. Food For Tots says:

    Mikky: U r right. Nowadays vegetarian dishes are becoming more creative and delicious than last time.

    Dora: Tks a lot. I will check it out later.

    Noobcook & Beachlover: The vegetarian sharkfin soup was indeed very yummy. The "imitation" sharkfin looked and tasted like real.

    Pearl: They taste good too! I kinda of miss all these dishes now. Hehehe!

  20. food-4tots says:

    YOK: Oh really? I think their service is a bit slow sometimes for sit-down dinner. Maybe due to shortage of manpower. 😉

  21. tony says:

    Nice?? To me ,its NOT.

    I was there on 28 May, and I tried Pad Thai.

    Don’t say about the taste first, it not even looks like Pad Thai.

    The chef just fried koay teow with Basil leaf, and call it Pad Thai.

    I lost all my appetite after seeing this.

    For sure, I won’t visit again……If I have been cheated again, people will call me STUPID. I better avoid that.

  22. i am says:

    i like to say what STUPID TONY say .
    1) is a vegatarian restaurent ok.
    2) no garlic , no onion .no meat iteams was use in the restaurent
    3) in the menue there is no PAD THAI .(he lie ) just FRIED THAI KOEY TEOW .
    4) PAD THAI SAUSE has onino , garlic and fish sause . (tony is not vegetarian )
    5) so to replise it thai chili powder is use , soya sause AND BASIL LEAVES is use in the manue .
    6) please tell STUPID TONY , please do drop in the restaurent to teach the chef how to cook PAD THAI when he pass the restaurant

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