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Teriyaki chicken skew (Yakitori)

chicken skew, yakitori, teriyaki, Japanese, kid, toddler, food for tots

This teriyaki chicken skew (Yakitori) is a very simple and easy dish. You can even marinate the chicken the night before and grill it the next day. It is our family latest hit. I hope my special visitor who had requested for this recipe (when I put a picture of this dish at my previous posting) will enjoy making it for her children from a Japanese cookbook shared by my cousin in Japan.

chicken skew, yakitori, teriyaki, Japanese, kid, toddler, food for tots

Servings: 2-3

2 boneless chicken thigh approx 250g (or chicken breast)
Other vegetable: capsicum, cucumber & leek
Bamboo skewers (trim to the desired length, cleaned & soaked into the water for a while)

3 tbsp light soya sauce (I used Lee Kum Kee Superior Light SS)
3 tbsp mirin (Japanese sweet sauce/ wine)
3 tbsp Japanese cooking wine (sake) (or Chinese Shaoxing cooking wine)
1 tbsp (slightly rounded) sugar
1 tbsp honey (I used no water added honey) – for grilling

1) Cut chicken into ¾ inch squares. (For chicken breast, chop it with the back of the knife several times to make the chicken tenderer.)
2) Cut other vegetables roughly the same size.
3) Prepare the sauce and bamboo skews.
4) Marinate the chicken with the sauce for about 1-2 hours. (The longer the better. It is to allow the sauce to absorb into the chicken)
5) Drain the sauce and set aside.
6) Skew all the ingredients on the bamboo skewers.
7) Heat oil in a non-stick pan. Grill the skewered food under medium low fire.
8) Brush the leftover sauce (from step 4) and honey on top of the skewered food. Turn the skewer occasionally until the chicken is cooked and turned slight brown. Arrange on a plate and enjoy!

Tips: You can make some dipping sauce or gravy using those caramelized sauce from the pan. Pour a little bit of hot water over the pan and leave it for 1-2 mins. Then reheat the pan and stir well. Simmer until the sauce is slightly thickened. _______________________________________________________________

Updated on 25/11/08

chicken skew, yakitori, teriyaki, Japanese, kid, toddler, food for tots

This was how I grilled my skews. This photo was taken by my wonderful hubby. Hope you will have a clearer picture of the cooking method. Thanks to the suggestion by Alice of Bits of Life ‘n’ Taste.

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  1. CY says:

    Wow! These look great! Will try to make it myself, will be cheaper than buying the Kikoman marinades from the shops!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Bits of Life 'n' Taste says:

    Hi Chef! Looks like the new DSLR brings out the best of the dish… rite? Keep up the good job! Looks so delicious… I will try next weekend… *wink*

  3. Pearl says:

    your family is SO lucky to have you!

  4. shavedicesundays says:

    These are not only beautiful in color, but they look so scrumptious.

  5. ICook4Fun says:

    Wow, that look so awesome. I wish I can grab one or two from the screen. By the way, what time of camera did you used? The pictures look so clear and beautiful.

  6. Pam says:

    What a delicious meal. My kids and husband would love this. Excellent photos!

  7. Jun says:

    The photos are great! Better than the ones I saw in Japanese restaurant. I can’t believe how simple they are.

    Great recipe, thank you so much for sharing

  8. Food For Tots says:

    Hi cy,
    Definitely cheaper and tastier! Can adjust the taste according your own preference too!

    Hi bits of life ‘n’ taste,
    I am still struggling with this new toy. Can u conduct a crash course for me? Tks for your suggestion! 😉

    Hi pearl,
    Your family is also LUCKY to have you too!

    Hi shavedicesundays,
    Tks for your comments.

    Hi icook4fun,
    Tks for your comments. I just switch to Olympus E520 and use Adobe Photoshop to touch up my photos. Your photos are beautiful and clear too!

    Hi Pam,
    Tks for your compliments. Hope it will be their latest hit too!

    Hi Jun,
    Tks for your compliments. It is indeed very simple! Give it a try!

  9. mycookinghut says:

    I love Yakitori!! They look so delicious and very colourful! I think I can finish all the 6 sticks on the plate right now!! LOL!! This recipe looks great!!

  10. noobcook says:

    Your photos are lovely and the yakitoris look so juicy and perfectly done 🙂

  11. Anonymous says:

    the photos makes me hungry now…..

  12. Dora says:

    Hey! As usual, u’re making me so hungry when i look at ur food pics! Can i grab one stick to go with porridge? ;p

  13. FAMILY FIRST says:

    My oh my! Never knew teriyaki chicken can look so sexy!

  14. Tastebud says:

    Awesome!Did you learn that from Japanese chef?

  15. Food For Tots says:

    Hi jun,
    Tks!!! Will make more if you come to Spore.

    Hi noobcook,

    Hi anonymous & dora,
    Help yourself! First come first serve! Hehehe!

    Hi familyfirst,
    Sexy?? Hehehe!

    Hi tastebud,
    Tks for dropping by. It is still in my wish list. Any free Jpn courses available?

  16. Tastes of Home says:

    yum yum! yes I love chicken yakitori, can I have some pls? hehe 😛

  17. Selba says:

    It looks sooooo gooood! Now, I’m craving for teriyaki… *slurps*

  18. New Kid on the Blog says:

    this looks good!!! can I have a plate?? 🙂

  19. Food For Tots says:

    Hi tastes of home,
    Oh, sure! Help yourself but dun be late. Hehehe!

    Hi selba,
    Any good place to find Yakitori in Indonesia?

    Hi new kid on the blog,
    Yes, yes! Welcome to my kitchen!

  20. Piggy says:

    Look really good!!! I’m gonna give it a try soon.

  21. Food For Tots says:

    Hi piggy,
    Give it a try! Easy peasy job for u! 🙂

  22. Little Inbox says:

    This is so beautifully done! Good job!

  23. Food For Tots says:

    Hi little inbox,
    Tks for dropping by and your wonderful compliment. I am flattered!

  24. Ling says:

    Hi Lai Kuan,

    I’m so tempted to try out this recipe of yours for dinner tonight. 😀 Am thinking of using the chicken thigh bones for making ABC soup at the same time 🙂

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