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Avocado with banana dessert

avocado, banana, dessert, kid, toddler, food for tots

After making some California hand rolls, I had half an avocado sitting in my refrigerator. So I used it to make a quick and easy teatime dessert for my son. He ate so fast even before I had finished washing up all the dishes used in the preparation! He claimed that he was not full and ate the remaining half of the banana. Then he grinned at me and said, “It tastes good, mommy!”

½ ripe avocado
2-3 tbsp fresh milk
1 tsp honey
½ banana

1) If you have 1 avocado, cut the avocado in half, running your knife around the pit from stem to blossom end and back up again. Twist the halves in opposite directions to free the pit, and pull the halves apart. Dislodge the pit, then scoop the avocado flesh into a large bowl. Mash the avocado with a large fork or potato masher. Press through a sieve. Set aside.
2) Heat up the milk. Add milk slowly into the mashed avocado and stir well. Stop when it reaches the desired consistency.
3) Add in honey and stir well.
4) Cut banana into ½cm thickness and arrange on top of avocado puree…….. Enjoy!

avocado, banana, dessert, kid, toddler, food for tots
(A fully ripen avocado)

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  1. Pam says:

    I’ve never had avocado as a dessert. The color is beautiful!

  2. Nate-n-Annie says:

    I think I’d throw both the avocado and banana in a blender with some vanilla ice cream and make a shake.

  3. Food For Tots says:

    Hi pam,
    Tks for your comment. Give it a try!

    Hi nate-n-annie,
    Tks for your Great idea! My son hardly eats cold stuff (ie ice-cream)….and I was pretty lazy to wash the blend that day by just making a small portion of dessert…..hehehehe….!

  4. Nick says:

    Very neat idea, I’ve never thought to have avocado for dessert either. This could work as a side dish as well!

  5. Anonymous says:

    How to choose a ripe avocado? Thought of buying before not sure how to choose them ..some are green in colour?

  6. Food For Tots says:

    Hi nick,
    Oh! side dish…What a great idea! I will try it out. Tks.

    Hi anonymous,
    Found them from Google search. Hope it helps.

    A ripe, ready to eat avocado is slightly soft but should have no dark sunken spots or cracks…To speed the ripening process, place the avocado in a paper bag, and store at room temperature. (

    Pebbly-skinned Hass avocados are more flavorful than smooth-skinned Fuertes. Choose avocados that are firm but slightly soft, then ripen them at home. Don't squeeze too hard. Instead, cup the avocado in your hand and feel it gently with your fingers. (,21770,1076930,00.html)

  7. homeladychef says:

    My goodness! Soo…nice! I am avacado lover, definitely give this a try. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  8. Food For Tots says:

    hi homeladychef,
    Tks for your wonderful comments. Hope u will luv it too!

  9. Selba says:

    Here in Indonesia, we love avocado juice 🙂

    Never seen a ripe avocado like the picture in here… the skin looks a bit scary, hehehe…

  10. Food For Tots says:

    Hi Selba,
    Tks for dropping by. We luv avocado drink too. How abt sharing ur avocado juice recipe with me? We need to wait until it turns dark and fully ripen before using it. What type of avocado did u use?

  11. Selba says:

    The recipe of Avocado juice is very simple:

    1 avocado
    2 – 3 tbsp of condensed milk
    1/2 – 1 glass of water
    ice cubes
    put all in a blender, mix them for 1 minute and then pour into a glass… voila… the avocado juice is ready 🙂

  12. Food For Tots says:

    Wow! Easy peasy! Terima kasih banyak-banyak!

  13. I used to make this for my kids during infancy but it’s just mashed bananas and avocado. I love avocado!

  14. Melanie says:

    Add dissolved Gula Melaka (boiled in the water)instd of honey. Blend in fresh milk + icecubes….wow, u will love it! My family loves this so much. I managed to “cheat” my girl to drink it when i said “wanna try the ice-cream” & she said “yummy, mommy” 😉 My mom-in-law who tried it for the 1st time, loved it so much & wants to make herself when she is back in Malacca!! Adding slices of bananas is a fantastic idea too.

  15. Sharon says:

    Thanks so much for this recipe dear….. :)I’ve never seen my son polish off an avocado so quickly in his 15.5months of life. haahaha 😀 2 thumbs up!

  16. dana says:

    Thanks to you, I invented a dessert earlier, blending avocado and banana and layering it over cornflake cereal, to be frozen as a dessert. Hope my family likes it later. *crossed fingers*

    Usually though we have avocado with plain sugar, or chopped into evaporated milk and sugar as a yummy dessert. 🙂

  17. Ash says:

    Thinking of making this for my 9 mths old boy but will mix in breastmilk instead of fresh milk and not adding in the honey. Hope he will like it.

    • food-4tots says:

      Ash: It’s great to use breastmilk as a substitute. You did it right to omit the honey as it’s also not suitable for baby below one year old. Hope he will like it. 😉

      • Ash says:

        Oh, I think he like it. Usually he will only take a few mouthful of whatever foods I prepared for his dinner. It was quite dishearten to see him not finishing his foods but this time he actually finish his foods. 🙂

  18. carol says:

    for this recipe it says ‘press through a sieve’, does it means run thru boiled water till it turn into a puree & throw away the substance? I tried yesterday it was quite watery…pls advise.

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