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Simple pizza bread

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We love pizza and always want to bring our son to eat pizza. But the strange thing is whenever we dined out, we always ended up with something else. The reason is my “emperor” only prefers authentic pizza and we are still searching for one.

As I don’t have an oven now, it is impossible to make a homemade pizza. Recently I found an interesting posting at this blog about no-dough pizza bread! At least, my oven toaster can be fully utilised now. This recipe is indeed very simple and easy. Just right for a lazy person like me that can simply make a nice toast that looks like pizza! What I did is to toast the pizza bread after my son goes to bed. After toasting, let it cool off at the room temperature. Keep it in a container and put in the fridge. Tomorrow morning, I just need to slightly toast them to reheat the bread and serve them as our breakfast. As what the food blogger said, there are many ingredients you can use to make this pizza bread. Some of them are: chicken, capsicum, sausage etc.

Here is the one of the versions I had made (based on my own creativity) for my breakfast today:

4 white toast breads
1 palm-size chicken breast meat (cut into chunks)
½ white onion (sliced thinly)
4 button mushrooms (sliced)
8 cubes canned pineapples (drained and sliced)
5+1 tbsp butter (I used a mixture of ready-made garlic spread and butter)
Fresh grated parmesan cheese or any type (2 cups) – I put plenty because we like cheese!
Dash of sugar and pepper

1) Marinate chicken with light soya sauce, sugar and corn flour for at least ½ hour.
2) Heat up a pan with oil and 1 tbsp butter, sautee onion until translucent. Add in mushroom, dash of sugar and pepper. Mix well and stir fry for a while. Add in chicken meat. Stir-fry until it turns brown. Dish up and set aside.
3) Cover baking tray with aluminum foil. Put breads and toast for 3 mins.
4) Flip them over and spread butter and garlic herb spread (ready-made) on the untoasted side.
5) Arrange all the stir-fry ingredients, pineapples and cheese on the bread.
6) Toast for 15 mins or until the cheese melts and turns golden brown.

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    Hi Chef! Creative and yummy!

  2. Food For Tots says:

    Hi Bits’ of Life ‘n’ Taste,

    Tks for your XXL “高帽”! It doesn’t fit into my small head! I can’t breathe now!! HELP!

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