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Pumpkin rice

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120g rice (2 persons) – (rinsed and soaked for 15 mins)
160g pumpkin (cut into cubes)
1 chicken thigh (de-boned, removed skin and cut into small cubes)
4-5 fresh medium size shiitake mushroom (washed with running water, cut into small chunks)
25g dried prawns (pre-soaked for 15 mins, retained water for cooking later)
5 shallots (sliced thinly)
3 tbsp oil
Water for cooking (depending on the type of rice used)
Spring onions (for garnishing)

1 tbsp light soya sauce
2 tsp dark soya sauce
½ tsp salt
Dash of sesame oil & pepper

1. Marinate the chicken with light soya sauce, sugar, sesame oil & conrflour for at least half an hour.
2. Fried shallots until golden brown, set aside.
3. Heat up 2 tbsp oil of shallot oil, add in dried prawns and stir fry under low heat until fragrant. Add in mushrooms and dash of sugar, stir-fry for a while.
4. Push the dried prawns and mushrooms to the side of the wok, add in chicken and stir-fry until the chicken cubes turn pale (half-cooked).
5. Add in pumpkin and continue to stir-fry for a while. Add in a little oil if the mixture looks dried.
6. Add in pre-soaked rice, fried shallots, then followed by seasoning and stir until all the ingredients are well-combined.
7. Transfer all the ingredients to a cooking pot, add water to cover ¾ of the rice mixture.
8. Cook under low heat and stir occasionally until the rice is cooked thoroughly.

I do not have a rice cooker at home. Most of the time, I am using a steamer. Therefore, it is considered my first attempt using a cooking pot to cook rice.

I had been referring to the recipes from Hockiak and Piggy’s Journal for cooking my own pumpkin rice.

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  1. presa1200 says:

    i’m chi but i like nasi dagang. i think you can post a recipe for that. it’s a malay delight and can consider the best among all the malay food (rice).

  2. Food For Tots says:

    Chi: Tks for your suggestion but I am not good at cooking Malay food. Need to search a good guru first. Hehehe! I ate this rice before at KLCC food court. It goes well with the curry chicken. It is my favourite. 😉

  3. Joeline says:

    Can teach me how to steam rice? Thanks.

  4. Joeline says:


    I have normal pot & thermal cooker.

    • food-4tots says:

      Joeline: For normal pot, 1) wash and rinse your rice; 2) put uncooked rice with water on a steaming tray (best to use stainless steel plate); 3) Add some water into the pot; 4) Put the steaming tray into the pot with a rack as a base. 5) Steam under medium heat for 30-40 minutes. 6) Let the cooked rice set in the tray for 5-10 minutes before serving. Hope it helps. 😉

  5. Joeline says:

    btw, how can i cook healthy meal within a short time? I need to rush home after work, just to cook dinner for my hubby & 2 yrs old boy. I reach home around 6.45pm & hope to hv dinner by 7.30pm. thanks.

    • food-4tots says:

      Joeline: You can try steaming dishes and blanching vegetables. Another option is to prepare all the ingredients in advance (such as marinate the meat or chicken). It will help to save you some preparation time. Hppe it helps! 😉

  6. Jillie says:

    Hi I saw this great recipe. The ingredient dark soya sauce, I didn’t see in your step by step. Is it supposed to be omitted from your recipe?

  7. First Attempt says:

    Hi, how much sugar, soya sauce etc to use for marinating the chicken?

  8. HH says:

    hi, what brand of light and dark soy sauce do you recommend?

    I am rather tempted to skip dark soy sauce as I don’t normally use it for home cooking and I don’t want to buy a whole bottle just for this. Can I skip it? but if it is critical to the taste, then i’d get it.

    • food-4tots says:

      HH: I used Lee Kum Kee brand for light soy sauce (superior and less salty). For dark soy sauce, different brands have different % of concentration. I also seldom use dark soy sauce in my cooking. One bottle can last me more than a year! lol! I had used Lee Kum Kee brand before and am currently using Yuen Chun. Both are good. Yes, you can skip it but the taste and colour of the rice may vary. If you do that, then you may need to add a bit more light soy sauce and pinch of salt.

  9. Fanlyn says:

    Hihi, I love coming to your website to get inspirations on what to cook for my daughter.

    For this receipe, I modified a little by omitting the dried prawns and most of the seasonings, as I was cooking for my 18-month-old. Just a dash of light sauce to marinate the chicken. My gal loves it!

  10. Grace Li says:


    Can i use rice cooker instead and any other foods to substitute dried prawns? Thanks.

    • food-4tots says:

      Grace Li: Yes, you can use rice cooker but you need to adjust the timing as I have never owned a one before. For dried prawns, you can either omit it or replace with fresh shrimps. 🙂

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