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Liu wei soup (六味汤)

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Group A:
20g 玉竹 (yu zhu)
20g 干百合 (dried lily bulb)
20g 芡实 (fox nuts)
20g 淮山 (huai shan)
20g 湘莲 (lotus seeds)
10 红枣 (red dates) – removed seeds
250g 瘦肉 (lean meat)
1 liter water

Group B:
20g 圆肉 (dried longan)
2 tbsp 杞子(qi zi)

1. Rinse lean pork. Cut into large pieces. Scald
2. Rinse all the ingredients.Bring water to boil.
3. Add in Group A and bring the soup to boil again over high heat.
4. Then reduce to low heat and boil for 2 hours.
5. Add in dried longan after 1 hour and add in qi zi 5 mins before 2 hours. These 2 ingredients are not suitable to cook for too long otherwise the soup will turn sour.
6. Salt to taste and serve.

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  1. Reena says:

    I just cooked this 2 nights ago but I bought the premix. Thanks for sharing this recipe so now I know what goes into the soup, will definitely DIY next time using fresher ingredients.

    • food-4tots says:

      Reena: I used to cook with the premix last time but not anymore now. This is because I can use better quality of ingredients with cheaper price. More savings in the long run. 😉

  2. FAITH says:

    The premix pack has the dried longans already mixed into it, so if we use the premix, the soup will turn sour?

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