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Silver fish (银鱼仔)omelette

silver fish omeletter, egg, toddlers, food for tots

Silver fish (fresh)
Red onion (chopped finely)
Spring onion

Light soya sauce (u can also subsitute it with terriyaki sauce)
Cornflour (mix with dash of water)

1. Break eggs into a mixing bowl, add in cornflour solution (it will made the eggs more fluffy), salt and pepper.
2. Light beat the mixture until well combined. Set aside.
3. Wash silver fish and blanch it over hot water. Drain with a sieve and pat dry.
4. Heat the oil. Sautee onion lightly.
5. Add in silver fish and stir fry with light soya sauce and sugar.
6. Pour onion, silver fish and spring onion into the beaten eggs and mix well.
7. Heat the frying pan again (put a bit of oil).
8. Pour in egg mixture and fry until set.
9. Turn it over and continue to fry until golden brown.

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  1. baobabs says:

    yummmm this reminds me of oh luak!!!

  2. Lynn says:

    I tried this recipe and it was a total disaster. I used half red onion, and when I sauté with the silver fish, it has some moisture in it. Then I used 3 small eggs and 1 tea spoon of corn starch mixed with water. When it was time to fried the egg, the egg did not hold together. Could be that my portion of silver fish, eggs and red onion was out of proportion. Could you help? I wish I could make something that is close to your picture… So yummyyyyyyyy!

    • food-4tots says:

      Lynn: Sorry to hear about your encounter. Did you whisk the eggs well before adding them? How much silver fish did you use? Did you add too little oil? You have to let the eggs set first before flipping the omelette. A non stick pan will do a better job. Maybe you can take a look at this post for ideas on how to make an omelette – Do give it a try again! 😉

  3. Lynn says:

    I have checked out the recipe in your link and found that you used shallots instead of the big red onion that I have used. This could be the point of failure. I will try it again sometime very soon (I am a working mum and try to cook during weekends). By the way, I love your blog very much and I have tried many of your recipes with great success. Thank you for offering such great ideas in cooking for toddlers, and we have one very picky eater in my house…

  4. Lynn says:

    1. I used fork to slightly “mix” the yolk and the white
    2. As for the amount of the silver fish, I didn’t weigh. I used the frozen type bought in SAM’s club. After thawing, it looks quite alot
    3. I used about 2 tbsp of oil to fry the egg
    4. I used the non-stick pan

    • food-4tots says:

      Lynn: Try to whisk (not mix) your eggs lightly. Hold your fork at 3 o’clock position and whisk (clockwise). Do not lift your fork above the egg mixture level during whisking. To be safe, cut down the silver fish by 1/2. Ideally, you should only have one single layer of silver fish coating the pan. I think the oil and pan are alright. Happy trying! 😉

      • Lynn says:

        Thanks for the further advice. Did not get a chance to cook last weekend. Will try it out and keep you posted of the outcome. By the way,
        Something to vent that is outside the topic. I have a VERY picky 2.5 year old eater at home. We were at our wits end in getting him to eat for breakfast (the rest of the meals were cruised along with whatever the whoever at home were eating). So far tried items were oatmeal porridge, red bean soup, 馒头,肉包,toast (with fruit jam), porridge and nothing seem to satisfy his taste buds. He ate so tiny bit and then declared that he is full. As for the drink, none of the following appeal to him (milk, orange juice, soya bean drink) except plain water. His height and weight has always been below the average line in the growth chart. I hope I can help bring it up by getting something more nutritous into his tummy :<

  5. Aphrodite says:


    You mentioned fresh silver fish. That means it’s the unsalted raw ones? Can we use the cooked salted ones sold at supermarkets? If so, I believe that means we need to cut the amount of salt in the recipe?

    • food-4tots says:

      Aphrodite: Yes, they are unsalted raw ones. If you were to use those salted ones, then you should omit the salt. Otherwise, it will be too salty. 🙂

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