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Sui kow (水饺) – Featured recipe for Rasa Malaysia

  Two year ago, when I was just starting to cook for my family, a friend of mine made a strong recommendation that I visit Rasa Malaysia’s food blog for its recipes and cooking ideas. When I browsed thru her blog, I was very amazed by her stunning shots and high level of professionalism in food presentation, not to mention her cooking and baking skills. Since then, I had been following her blog closely...

Sushi rolls 寿司卷

  I always love to admire those beautiful sushi rolls posted by other food bloggers but have never attempt to make it myself. Until recently, when my son started to crave for Japanese food especially sushi, I decided to give it a try. It took me quite a while to learn the “theory” before proceeding to the “practical”. As compared to baking, the risk of “disaster” is definitely lesser. No matter...

Apple and white fungus soup

Ingredients: 2 red apples (medium size) 25g white fungus 300g lean pork 30g sweet and bitter almond (南北杏) – also known as sweet and bitter apricot seeds or kernels – please refer to note below 4 candied dates (big) 1000 ml water Seasonings: Salt to taste (optional) Methods: Peel and core the apples, then rinse and chop them into 8 pieces. Set aside. Rinse lean pork and cut into 3 pieces,...
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