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How to roast cashew nuts

  I love eating all kinds of tree nuts. Once I start munching them, I can never put a stop to it. Yes, I can go nuts on nuts! So too is my hubby. We are “NUTTY” people!   During festive seasons, we see wide selection of processed nuts at the supermarkets. We will be spoilt by choices. For the premium brands, the prices are not cheap as well. Because of that, we only consumed them sparingly and...

Indian vegetarian rice

Cooking this one-meal dish is not as difficult as I thought after cooking for several times. Thanks to the advices and guidance from an Indian mother whom I met in my son’s playschool and the recipes and cooking tips from here. Below is the modified recipe I used: Ingredients: 120g Basmati rice (long grained rice) 240g water 1 medium size onion (red, sliced thinly) ¼ cup green peas (frozen) ¼ cup french...
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