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Almond Chocolate Butter

  Making nut butter from scratch is pretty easy. Once you have learned the basic blending techniques, you can easily whip up any kind of nut butters (such as peanut butter) or mixed nut and seed butters, in small or big batches, as and when you like. Food Advertising by   This “so heavenly good” almond chocolate butter is truly the almond version of Nutella, as described...

Homemade Pandan Kaya

  Kaya is a popular jam spread in both Malaysia and Singapore. It is a thick jam made from fresh coconut milk, eggs and sugar, infused with the scent of pandan leaves (screw pine leaves). It is often slathered together with a generous slab of butter in between two slices of crisp toast, hence named “kaya toast”. Food Advertising by   When I was a child, I ate kaya...
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