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Thin-crust pizza

My family loves homemade pizza for several reasons. One of them is that I can easily cater to all kind of requests such as: “More cheeses, please? Wait, why not have a mixture of Mozallera, Parmesan and Cheddar? That will be ideal.” “Pineapples, more and more! Mummy!” “Don’t forget to put in Pepperoni, the one without black pepper please” “Yes, thin crust only. Remember to add semolina flour...

Homemade pizza

  Homemade pizza can be either simple or difficult depending on which approach you adopt. The simple approach is to buy frozen pizza base and ready made sauce. But I chose the the difficult one, which means making the dough and sauce from scratch. As what my hubby had predicted, I failed terribly in my first attempt. I had a tough time kneading the dough and the pizza base was not cooked thoroughly. I...
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