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Baked Mini Chocolate Donuts

  “There is a child in every one of us”. Food Advertising by   The “little child” in me will automatically pop up when it comes to donuts. Hey, who doesn’t love donuts? The classic, ring-shaped, sugar-coated donut is my all-time favourite. They were so yummy, and I can never have enough of them.   I have started making my own donuts four years ago. I baked...

Baked donuts

  When I first saw the healthy baked donut from Little Corner of Mine, I was so excited to know that you can bake donut instead of deep-frying it. A healthier choice for my son who loves donut so much. Even more interesting is this recipe uses yogurt instead of milk and yeast. As a novice at baking, I personally find this recipe pretty simple and easy-to-follow. No electric mixer is required either.   Although...
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