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Baked Mini Chocolate Donuts

  “There is a child in every one of us”.   The “little child” in me will automatically pop up when it comes to donuts. Hey, who doesn’t love donuts? The classic, ring-shaped, sugar-coated donut is my all-time favourite. They were so yummy, and I can never have enough of them.   I have started making my own donuts four years ago. I baked rather than deep-fried them. From then on, I have...

Baked donuts

  When I first saw the healthy baked donut from Little Corner of Mine, I was so excited to know that you can bake donut instead of deep-frying it. A healthier choice for my son who loves donut so much. Even more interesting is this recipe uses yogurt instead of milk and yeast. As a novice at baking, I personally find this recipe pretty simple and easy-to-follow. No electric mixer is required either.   Although...
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