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Steamed Chocolate Banana Cupcakes

steamed cupcakes, steamed muffins, steamed cakes, mushipan, chocolate, banana, cupcakes, muffins, snack, toddler, kid, food 4 tots


Chocolate has long been termed as a “bad guy” that may cause a number of health issues, including acne, obesity, tooth decay, hyperactivity and diabetes. Does this mean that our kids should stay away from chocolate? Of course not if we are talking about dark chocolate. It can still be part of your child’s diet if you allow him to consume it moderately on an occasion basis. For a healthier choice, choose dark chocolate with at least 70 percent cocoa.


I have always wanted to share a chocolate recipe in this blog but have to KIV this idea till now. The reason is that chocolate causes heatiness* to my son. If he eats chocolate or anything that is made with chocolate, he will get a nose bleed thereafter.


[*In Chinese diet, heaty food refers to food that may trigger illness such as fever, sore throat, cough with sticky phlegm, nose bleeding, mouth ulcer etc..]


steamed cupcakes, steamed muffins, steamed cakes, mushipan, chocolate, banana, cupcakes, muffins, snack, toddler, kid, food 4 tots


My son had just finished his school first term exams two weeks ago. It’s his first time having exams in Malaysia. As the local school curriculum is quite different from the one in Singapore, he has put a lot of efforts in his study especially Malay subject which he needs to learn from scratch. To reward his hard work, I made these steamed chocolate banana cupcakes as a little treat for him. At first, he was quite reluctant to try as he has a phobia towards chocolate. But then, he gathered up his courage to pick up one and walloped it almost instantly. Much to our surprise, he didn’t have a nose bleed!!


These steamed cupcakes contain less sugar, less flour and no milk. Oil is used instead of butter, and only two tablespoons! It’s surely a healthy treat that you can enjoy more without the guilt. Do not underestimate this steaming method in making cupcakes. It yields a texture that is as good as baking – soft and moist, and remains so for hours without having to re-steam. As for taste, it’s seriously good! Rich in chocolate flavour and packed with banana fragrance! I have received rave review from my mother-in-law, hubby and son.


For those mamas, readers and friends who love to make cupcakes but don’t have an oven, this is one recipe that you can try to show off your hidden talents and surprise your family. You can even use it as a “baking with kids” project for this coming school holiday. Have fun!


>> Get the recipe for STEAMED CHOCOLATE BANANA CUPCAKES with step by step photo at PAGE 2 BELOW.


steamed cupcakes, steamed muffins, steamed cakes, mushipan, chocolate, banana, cupcakes, muffins, snack, toddler, kid, food 4 tots

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  1. A healthy and beautiful banana muffin recipe. They have turned out perfect!

  2. Your cupcakes look very pretty 🙂 I am sure it is yummy too 🙂

  3. Idy says:

    Hi, may I know what kind of banana did you use?

  4. ChristineT says:

    The moment I finished reading your post, I was thinking when would be the soonest I could try out your fantastic recipe. I really like the fact that so little oil is used compared to your oatmeal banana raisin muffin recipe (which I have tried and much loved by my kids and hubby).

    Now, I have to quickly hunt for a steaming rack for my big wok. 🙂

  5. Jasmine says:

    Thanks for sharing the recipe… my hubby is lactose intolerance n baked some for him today. He loves it to the max… no forgetting it is healty too.

  6. Jessie says:

    I can’t wait to try this out. I do not have an oven and now I can make cupcakes! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. mycookinghut says:

    Looks delicious! Must give this a try soon!

  8. Have never tried steaming cakes/cupcakes – I really should try this recipe out!

  9. So pretty! I love steamed cake and it’s a quick and healthy treat!

  10. Janine says:

    Lai Kuan, when you steam the cupcakes, is the wok/steamer on a medium or high fire? My cupcakes don’t dome as nicely as yours 🙁

    • food-4tots says:

      Janine: Sorry to know that your cupcakes didn’t dome as per your expectation. How about the texture? I used medium fire. Did you use double acting baking powder? What kind of mould did you use? Did you take photo of your cupcakes? If so, please send a copy to me?

  11. Sharon says:

    Hi, just wanna say I love your blog! Have tried a few of your receipts for my 2 years old and he likes it. Wanna ask if I can use self raising flour to substitute the cake flour and baking powder? Thanks!

    • food-4tots says:

      Sharon: So glad you love my blog! Thank you for your kind support! So sorry, I’m not sure how to do this substitution. Maybe you can do a google search. 😉

  12. lyn says:

    Hi can I use unsweetened chocolate bar instead.of cocoa powder? Bought the wrong thing :p

  13. Spencer says:

    They look so delicious! I would love to try some.

  14. I haven’t tried to make a steamed cake before but they look lovely! So simple yet so tasty!

  15. Jacqueline says:

    Hi, can I use wheat flour to replace cake flour? N instead of salad oil can I used olive oil? Any different? Thanks!

  16. Angeline says:

    Tried made it once I saw your post, but I didnt put banana and I used only baking powder. Very nice and still soft after 2nd days.

    Do you have other flavor stream cake? Like green tea?

  17. Elise says:

    I do not have mixer at home. Can replace by hand whisk ??

  18. Angeline says:

    I dont have double acting powder, so I used baking powder same amount.

  19. Bi says:

    Can i replace the cake flour with multi-purpose flour? What will be the difference of the outcome?

    I’m gonna try to make this on thurs for my family n friends. Hee.

  20. Bi says:

    I tried the recipe, didn’t add in the banana. I added less sugar and my steam cake turned out to be bitter.

    Not sure why i find the steam cake was a bit dry.

    • food-4tots says:

      Bi: Baking is all about science. You need certain ingredients and amounts to produce the desired results. The cocoa powder is bitter and requires certain amount of sugar to balance its taste. I have tried and tested all my recipes for a couple of times before sharing on my blog. So, it’s advisable to follow exactly the steps I have stated to get the desired results. Do give it a second try and follow my recipe without any modification. Happy trying! 😉

  21. Grace says:

    The moment I saw this post I bookmarked it right away! My daughter likes choc (like any other kid) but not bananas. So I always have to find a way to have it as a secret ingredient

  22. Jo says:

    Hi. I just stumbled upon your block. What a great thing to use a steamer for baking cakes. If I understood correctly on my inlaws in Chinese cooking or Chinese medicine, backing things in oven and over 200 degrees is not healthy for your body and healthy. To much heat. But they do love my baking but in small amount. So this I gotta try to make them happy and not to worrie too much. But I have a question. I don’t have small moldes as shown in your picture n also I don’t have any muffin trays either. So my question is could I do it in a small circle baking tray perhaps? Many thanks in advanced n for sharing your recipes. Cheers Jo

  23. Jo says:

    Hi, Ahm, apparently it’s called round instead of circle. Sorry about that. I found a tray looks like mine on Google a link to eBay. But can’t seam to copy the link but the name of the tray. If you google it I’m sure you can see plenty of them. I think mine is not that big around 20Ø. It’s called: ROUND SANDWICH NON-STICK OVEN BAKING TIN TRAY. Hope that could in some way. And I don’t have Chinese teacups but small rice/soup bowls. Thanks again

    • food-4tots says:

      Jo: I personally haven’t tried it myself. But, a few of my readers had used other steaming moulds and the results were very satisfactory. If the depth of the tray is not too shallow, I think it’s feasible. Do share your feedback after trying it out. 😉

  24. Bi says:

    Yeah, my steamed cake is finally successful! Thanks a lot!. I couldn’t find eggs that are 68g each. Those i get off rack at supermarket are about 60g for large egg so i added one more small egg. I use a tart tray which i have previously and grease the tray before steaming. They smell so good! I think i will need to buy a electronic hand-held whisk to save the time, manually whisking took me almost a 30mins.

    • food-4tots says:

      Bi: Bravo!! Bravo!! Glad you have made it finally! It’s definitely a good investment to buy an electrical whisk. You will never regret, trust me. 😉

  25. Angeline says:

    Make around batch yesterday, chocolate flavour too “Powerful” liao it cover the banana(can’t taste the banana… hahaha…) Can I add it more banana, will the texture become tense?

    I used Puteri Ayu mould to steam this cake, it came out very nice and suitable for kids.

  26. Andr says:

    Can I use caster sugar instead of brown sugar?

  27. Sue says:

    Hi may I know what baking pan did you use? Coz the cakes are so straight unlike the usual pans that produces slightly ‘opened up’ cakes. This is do neat looking!

  28. Sue says:

    Ooooo….need many many if baking…hahaha!
    Thanks thanks!

  29. Caulitan says:

    i love your recipes but not your grammar………..

  30. Sarah says:

    Hi, I just tried out the recipe and it turned out awesome! Thank u so much for sharing!

  31. Wei says:

    I haven’t read your blog for a long while. Today I though I’ll check it out, stumbled upon this recipe and immediately attracted to the simplicity of the process. I checked my pantry and hooray I got all the ingredients. Never made a steam cake before, I always use oven and voila… turned out soooo perfect!
    My daughter loved it, she gobled 2 at one go!
    Thanks for sharing this great recipe!

  32. evon says:

    Hi mummy,

    can i use oven to bake intead of steam?

  33. spidyqueen says:

    hi, if i need more can i simply double the portions?

  34. Chris says:

    I tried your recipie and it turned out great. Soft and fluffy

  35. Siew says:

    Hi I don’t have cocoa powder but I do have baking chocolate bar, shall I use the same amount? Thx!

  36. Iris says:

    Hi! Really excited to try this out! May I know whether I can use normal sugar instead of brown sugar?

  37. Jess says:

    Hi the cupcakes look lovely. I wanted to try but was quite lost about the moulds and cupcake paper to buy at daiso. Don’t mind, could you share more on the type of moulds and paper cups that I should buy from daiso? Thanks much.

    • food-4tots says:

      Jess: The size of pudding moulds I use is 7cm diameter x 3.5cm depth. For cupcake papers, you can use any design as long as it fits the mould. 🙂

  38. zhanel says:

    yummy cupcakes,, it really tastes good and so soft.. my kids are enjoying and wanting for more.. thanks a lot!!!

  39. Vanda says:


    On a Paleo diet..

    For flour : How much should I be using if using coconut flour / chestnut flour?

    Four sugar : I would like to use raw honey / date sugar, how much should I use?


  40. Angel says:

    Is it okay to put a butter?

  41. Elise says:

    I used your recipe but baked in the oven (only because I already had a brownie baking inside) and it turned out beautifully! 160deg, 15-18min. Lovely and moist and not too sweet.

  42. YK says:

    Another success achieved. GFCF steamed choc muffin (without banana, use GFCF all purpose flour instead). Fantastic..!!! Im loving it…

    I dropped some GFCF choc chips too, actually. It turns out fine… Dripping saliva…

    • food-4tots says:

      YK: Bravo!! More and more success stories!!! I need to learn more from you in future!! 🙂

      • YK says:

        Btw, i used duck egg instead of chicken egg for your both steamed muffins recipe. It is rather bigger than the recipe. Yet, the muffins turned out jst fine..!!! I dropped choc chips after filling the cupcake mould half way, then fill in the balance (90%). The chips melted beautifully inside.

        Hehhehe… I proclaimed it as steamed choc lava muffin.

  43. Shenice says:

    Hi, I recently steamed a milo cupcake but I noticed the top wrinkled and is not as smooth as what is shown in your picture. Any idea what caused the wrinkled? My second attempt also the same. But it’s quite weird when I steamed cheese cupcake the top is smooth and nice.

    • food-4tots says:

      Shenice: So sorry, I haven’t steamed milo cupcake before and have no clue what caused the problem you face. Maybe you can check with the person who shared this milo cupcake recipe. 🙂

  44. Daisy says:

    Thank u for sharing ur easy to follow recipes!

  45. Priscilla says:

    Thanks for sharing the recipe.The cake did not turn out well , sink in the middle portion. Kindly advice

  46. lizzelle says:

    What is the equivalent of your measurements to cups? (from grams to cups)?
    Also can I use just 1 round bakeware instead of individual cupcake tins?

  47. lizzelle says:

    What is the equivalent of your measurements to cups? (from grams to cups)?
    Also can I use just 1 round bakeware instead of individual cupcake tins

  48. Avanti Laddha says:

    It worked… Awesome, lovely,yummy cake..thank u so 3 yr old loved it a lot.. Will try other recipes too.

  49. Chen M says:


    I think someone ‘stole’ your recipe and pictures without stating the source (or your link).
    Check out “pissue food” on facebook. it’s been translated though.

  50. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for your sharing. I’ve just tried them last night. It was perfect!
    The beating of eggs and sugar to soft stiff peak did took awhile. Love them! !
    Thank you

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