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White fungus and yu zhu soup (银耳玉竹清润汤)


Under the current hot weather, it is beneficial to drink some nourishing soup. I found this recipe from here. Another similar soup without using sweetcorn can be found over here.

Ingredient A:
20g white fungus 银耳(washed, soaked and torn into small pieces)
20g yu zhu 玉竹 (washed)
20g lily bulb 百合(washed)
10g red dates (removed seeds) / 15g candied dates (I used 2 big candied dates)
100g carrots (washed, cut into chunks)
2 medium-sized sweetcorns (washed, cut into chunks)

Ingredient B:
250g lean pork (washed, cut into chunks, blanched over hot water)
Pinch of salt

1) Put ingredient A into a cooking pot, add in adequate water, soak for 1 hour.
2) Bring water to boil, add in lean pork for a while, reduce heat to low fire, simmer for 2 hours, season with salt.

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  1. Lisa Khoo says:

    Hi, LK

    What is lily bulb?


  2. FOOD FOR TOTS says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Lily bulb is “pai her” (百合). It can be used in cooking soup, tong sui(dessert) and stir-frying.

  3. Little Inbox says:

    Next time I should remember to add some white fungus, lily bulb and carrot too. 🙂

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